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Matt Lupi – Building a Lasting Legacy Starts Now

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While in sixth grade, Matt Lupi learned what it meant to hustle. You hear the word “hustle” used by many entrepreneurs as they describe their around-the-clock work ethic and determination, but it is a rare trait for a middle school kid. Growing up, Matt never yet knew the stories of our country’s most significant business leaders and how they made their fortunes. Instead, he was taught the value of hard work from his father and grandfather and ran with it.

Matt Lupi’s First Business Venture

Matt Lupi

Sitting in school from 8 am to 3 pm, Matt eagerly awaited for that final bell to ring, for this was when life began for him. The work day started before he even stepped inside his house, as he braided paracord bracelets on the bus, getting a head start on the dozens of orders he would have that night. Matt saw a trend and capitalized on it. With his mother’s help picking up supplies, Matt began to braid paracord bracelets for everyone in all sizes, colors, designs, and variations at school. He felt like a millionaire selling these bracelets for $5-$10 each at school the next day and filling hundreds of orders by the week. On top of this came baseball games a few nights a week and cutting grass for homes around his neighborhood. There was rarely any time left for school work, but this didn’t matter. Matt was riding the high of a young entrepreneur and never planned on coming off of it.

Matt Lupi Becomes A Serial Entrepreneur

After a lucrative business year at school, Matt halted operations and went all-in on another business: Lupi’s Lawn Service, where he cut grass, pulled weeds, laid mulch, and pressure washed at homes across his hometown. While everyone his age was wasting their time sitting on the couch, Matt Lupi created income and, most importantly, a name for himself.

Matt Lupi On Choosing Your Destiny

Matt Lupi sports managementAn important question arises when going into college: what do you want to do for the rest of your life? Is it doing landscaping? No, thank you. Is it making bracelets? Hardly. It was time to get serious and answer a new question, “what do I want my legacy to be?”

After contemplating medicine and business, Matt ultimately decided to major in Sport Management, and he graduated with Summa Cum Laude honors from Temple University. While in school, Matt became one of the youngest sports agents in Pennsylvania and even represents two NCAA student-athletes today. Sports are his passion, and business is his interest. So it only makes sense to intersect the two.

However, Matt did not want to be limited to his title as a Sports Agent.  

He didn’t want to depend on his Sports and Recreation Management degree. However, his childhood shows that he is so much more than that.

Matt Lupi’s Greatest Fear

Matt LupiWhile most fear snakes, spiders, and heights, Matt only has one fear, the fear of being average. The idea of passing with no legacy and nothing to be remembered by keeps him going daily. He has added other titles to his resume, including Investor, E-commerce Entrepreneur, Student of Life, Athlete, Role Model, Host of a Podcast, and more. But, there is so much more to life than your day job. It is essential to understand that and strive for more.

The Define Success Podcast

His podcast, The Define Success Podcast, is designed to help others answer the simple yet profound question, “how do you define success?”. Success is a word that many people strive for but have no idea what it means, what it entails, or how to get there. The podcast is here to give listeners that direction. He interviews numerous successful individuals and also shares his thoughts and stories.

Final Thoughts

Life is a journey. Everyone is on their own path, and it is crucial to own your path. Be the best version of yourself.

Connect with Matt Lupi and check out The Define Success Podcast on Instagram.

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Matt Lupi – Building a Lasting Legacy Starts Now

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