Standard Editorials

An editorial is an article that expresses one’s opinion or views on a particular issue. Submit an editorial to News Wire Magazine to reach a broad audience. This type of article should inform, entertain or persuade readers.

You can become a guest columnist by submitting an editorial draft to News Wire Magazine. Once payment is processed, your draft will be reviewed/edited and approved by a contributing editor of our magazine. Submitting an editorial is a great way to share your insights. But before you start writing, you should keep a few things in mind.

First, consider who your audience is. For example, are you writing for the general public or people already knowledgeable about the issue?

Second, make sure you have a clear thesis or main argument. What do you want to persuade your readers to believe?

Finally, be clear about what you want the reader to get from your article. For example, is the purpose of the article to build your personal brand or to promote a product or service?

With these things in mind, you’re ready to start writing your News Wire Magazine editorial. Be honest about your opinions. If you do these things, your readers will appreciate your article – even if they don’t always agree with you.

Submit an article to News Wire Magazine

Submitting an editorial to News Wire Magazine is a great way to get your name and brand out there. When you submit an editorial to News Wire Magazine, you also increase your credibility and authority.

A well-written editorial can help you build relationships with other thought leaders in your industry, leading to joint venture opportunities, speaking engagements, and more.

Writing and submitting an editorial is a great way to increase your personal brand equity. In addition, it helps position you as an expert in your field and can open up new opportunities for business growth.

How to Write an Editorial

  1. Choose a topic relevant to your industry that you are passionate about. (If this topic is YOU, write your editorial draft in third-person format).
  2. Do your research. Make sure you clearly understand the issue at hand before taking a side.
  3. Please don’t make it too short. An editorial in News Wire Magazine should be at least 600 words, but longer articles (2,500+ words are preferred, and they’ll likely rank better than shorter articles).
  4. Take a stand. Readers want to know where you stand on the issue, so make sure your opinion comes through loud and clear.
  5. Support your argument. Use data, statistics, and expert quotes to support your point of view. (If you’re submitting an article for personal branding, you can be the quoted expert.)
  6. Be respectful. Even if you strongly disagree with another person’s point of view, you can still express yourself without being disrespectful or offensive.
  7. Edit, edit, edit! Make sure your editorial is free of grammar and spelling errors before publishing your draft.
  8. Submit! Once you’ve written and edited your editorial, it’s time to submit it to News Wire Magazine for consideration.

If you’re looking for ways to increase your personal brand equity and build relationships with other thought leaders in your industry, writing an editorial might be the right move for you. Keep these tips in mind as you write yours to maximize your piece’s impact!

News Wire Magazine offers three distribution levels: Standard Editorial, Featured Article & Featured Article + Front Cover.

Editorial drafts should be at least 600 words. Photos you upload can be professionally edited and distributed throughout your article. Please upload 3-5 pictures with your draft. Standard editorials are also included in our online distribution and have limited visibility on the home page of News Wire Magazine.

For greater exposure, consider upgrading to Featured Distribution.