Is Instagram Verification worth it?

Is Instagram Verification Worth It? – Is the new “Verified Feed” worth a few bucks per month?

In business and social media, credibility is currency. Instagram’s newly introduced “Verified Feed” has ruffled some feathers, but many entrepreneurs and business owners love the new feature. Is Instagram verification worth it?

Is it worth paying for Instagram Verification?

Is Instagram Verification Worth ItThis paid verification feature could be a real asset for up-and-coming influencers and small creators looking to build trust on social media. It’s also useful for established businesses and leaders with copycat accounts. However, for the everyday user, the benefits may not be worth the cost.

How Much Is Instagram Verification?

Instagram’s new “Verified Feed” service, part of the Meta Verified subscription, costs $12 on the web and $15 on the Instagram app.

Why I Pay for Instagram Verification

Is Instagram Verification Worth It? I’ve been paying for Instagram’s verification service since day one. The direct access to customer support and the heightened credibility that comes with it are invaluable for someone in my line of work. Moreover, the blue checkmark isn’t merely an icon; it’s seen by many as an emblem of credibility.

The Real Talk: A Matter of Priorities – Is Instagram Verification Worth It?

When we were talking about paid old-school Instagram verification a couple of years ago, a successful friend of mine said,

“I can wear a $200k Patek Philippe out to dinner at a nice restaurant, and there may be one guy in the entire place that recognizes the value of my watch.”

He pointed out that it’s worth the investment because it generates recognition among the people who matter most to his business. Je concluded,

“Everyone notices the little blue checkmark, and it sets you apart from those who won’t spend a few bucks monthly for it. It’s just an advertising expense for me.”

The Other Side of the Coin

Let’s get real. Not everyone has the spare change to toss into a monthly subscription for Instagram verification. As advantageous as this feature may be for some, it risks sidelining those who can’t afford it.

The Evolution of Instagram Verification: From Exclusive to Accessible

Let’s take a step back and consider how Instagram verification has evolved. That coveted blue checkmark was an exclusive badge of honor in its early days. It was attainable only for those who had significantly impacted their respective fields, often requiring the spotlight of high-ranking publications and magazines.

The High Cost of Old-School Instagram Verification

Entrepreneurs used to fork out as much as $35,000 to public relations firms to acquire this digital status symbol. This approach was neither quick nor guaranteed, often requiring a lengthy and uncertain process.

Navigating the Grey Areas

Let’s not forget the “black hat” routes to verification. A select few companies had special access to Facebook’s Media Portal, offering under-the-table deals that ranged from $3,000 to $10,000.

I’ve navigated these murky waters, spending thousands on a company that seemed legitimate but failed to deliver, leaving me to file chargebacks with PayPal.

The New Reality: Pay-to-Play Verification

Today, Instagram’s Meta Verified subscription has democratized the verification process. Anyone willing to pay the small monthly fee can now sport the blue checkmark. So, has the badge lost its prestige? While it’s certainly not the high-status symbol it once was, its perks—increased visibility, customer support, and a space in the “Verified Feed”—make it a valuable asset for entrepreneurs, influencers, and businesses.

The Verdict: Still Worth the Investment

Given these changes, you might wonder if the checkmark still holds value. In my view, it absolutely does. The added exposure and the direct line to customer support make it a valuable asset for amplifying your social media presence and solidifying your brand’s credibility.

The landscape may have shifted, but the essence remains the same: Credibility is crucial, and Meta’s new Verified subscription makes achieving it more accessible than ever.

Final Thoughts: The Dynamic Currency of Credibility

In the ever-evolving landscape of business and social media, one constant remains: Credibility is currency. Instagram’s “Verified Feed” may be divisive, but it finds avid supporters among entrepreneurs and leaders who understand the power of visibility and trust. While not every Instagram user will find value in shelling out for this premium feature, for influencers, entrepreneurs, and businesses aiming to set themselves apart in a crowded digital space, it’s an investment with promising returns.

Verification used to be an elusive status symbol. However, in its current state, it is still an accessible and potent marker of credibility. The blue checkmark continues to be more than just an icon. For those who recognize its value, it’s an advertising expense that can pay dividends in brand recognition and trust. So, whether you’re a rising influencer, an established business leader, or someone in between, Instagram’s Meta Verified subscription offers a new avenue to reaffirm your credibility and amplify your digital presence, especially once Instagram begins offering the dedicated “Verified Feed.”

You can sign up for Instagram verification by visiting the official Meta Verified page.

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