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Anita Lucia – Triumphantly Risen

Like many of today’s inspirational leaders, author and transformational speaker Anita Lucia survived incredible traumatic child abuse, abandonment, and life-altering experiences as a young child.

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Keep the following in mind when writing a featured editorial to produce the best content possible.

To start, think about who will be reading your article. Is it meant for the general public or those already familiar with the topic?

Second, think about what you want to teach your reader. How can reading your article help them?

Finally, be straightforward about what you want the reader to take away from your post. For example, is the goal of your article to develop your personal brand or to promote a product or service?

Following are some pointers to get you started writing your News Wire Magazine editorial. Keep your own voice in mind while writing, and be honest about your views. Your article will be appreciated by your readers, even if they don’t always agree with you if you do these things.

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Submitting a featured article to News Wire Magazine is the same process as submitting a standard editorial. However, upgrading to featured distribution puts your writing in front of 4X readers daily!

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  1. If you’re submitting an article about yourself for personal branding, write in third person format).
  2. Please ensure that your article for News Wire Magazine is of adequate length, the minimum being 600 words, but longer articles will be more likely to get the most traffic (2,500+ word count).
  3. Research and develop a deep understanding of the topic.
  4. Your readers will be more engaged if they know your opinion on the matter, so communicate it effectively.
  5. Be respectful. News Wire Magazine doesn’t publish articles with profanity or disrespectful or overly offensive content.
  6. Make sure your editorial is error-free before submitting it for publication.
  7. Submit! After you’ve completed and revised your editorial, it’s time to submit it to News Wire Magazine for consideration. Once the submission fee is paid, a professional editor will make minor edits for search engine optimization. We may tune up your images to ensure you look your best in our publication.
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At News Wire Magazine, we offer three distribution levels for our articles: Standard Editorials, Featured Articles, or you can select Featured Article + Front Cover.

Your article draft should be, at the minimum, 600 words. In addition, we ask for at least 3-5 high-quality photographs to accompany your draft.