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John Geibel, Motivational Speaker – From Addiction to Faith & Recovery

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From the abyss of addiction to the heights of faith and recovery, John Geibel is a testament to the raw power of redemption and transformation. His life is a story of struggle, resilience, faith, and unwavering determination to rise above circumstances that once seemed impossible.

The Unveiling of Self Through Mindfulness and Healing

John Geibel Mindfulness

John’s path to recovery and spiritual awakening began with a commitment to mindfulness. For him, this wasn’t about the latest self-help trend but a profound process of self-understanding.

In a world saturated with motivational coaches, John Geibel prefers to be known as a motivational speaker. His message goes beyond the superficialities of coaching, delving deep into personal transformation. It’s not about imparting wisdom from a pedestal but sharing powerful insights from his struggles and experiences.

Faith in Jesus

John Geibel’s journey has become intertwined with his faith. His connection with Jesus has played a pivotal role in his life. It’s not a superficial association but a profound belief that shapes his worldview and guides his actions.

Fatherhood and Mentorship: The Next Chapter for John Geibel

John Geibel fatherhoodJohn’s story doesn’t end with his personal transformation. His next chapter is centered on parenting and fatherhood. He recognizes the pressing need to reach out to fathers and mentors who grapple with anger and anxiety. John’s authenticity allows others to connect with his journey, fostering hope for their growth and recovery.

Shattering the Silence: Embracing Vulnerability

One of the most compelling aspects of John’s message is his call to break the silence surrounding life’s hardships. Society often conditions individuals to be stoic, suppress emotions, and mask vulnerabilities. John challenges this norm by encouraging open and honest conversations about personal struggles. His message is a reminder that courage, honesty, and self-acceptance are virtues worth embracing.

A Resilient Odyssey

John Geibel’s journey is a testament to the undeniable power of self-awareness, mindfulness, and a profound connection to a higher power. His life, marked by the harrowing depths of addiction, the grueling ascent of recovery, and the spiritual awakening, serves as a guiding light for those who seek redemption.

John Geibel

John Geibel’s message is a powerful reminder that redemption and transformation are attainable by anyone, no matter their past, as long as they are willing to embrace vulnerability, seek healing, and tread the path from darkness to light. Regardless of where one begins, rewriting one’s story and becoming a beacon of hope is a journey open to all.

Battling the Shadows: John Geibel’s Rough Upbringing

John Geibel’s journey through life began in the darkest of places. His early years were marred by the harsh realities of abuse and molestation, a painful introduction to a world where safety and security were elusive concepts.

Confronting Unthinkable Reality: A Fateful Fifth Birthday

As if the darkness that clouded his childhood wasn’t enough, John’s fifth birthday delivered a chilling revelation. His mother confided in her parole officer that she had contemplated taking the lives of John and his younger brother.

Navigating Foster Care: A Nine-Year Odyssey

IMG 7911

With its erratic twists, fate would steer John and his brother through the complex and bewildering labyrinth of foster care. Their journey spanned nine tumultuous years, during which they found themselves in four different foster homes, two group homes, and a mental treatment center. It was a rollercoaster of hope and despair, where moments of compassion clashed with instances of cruelty.

A Ray of Light: The Bostic Family

Amid the chaos of foster care, John was introduced to two extraordinary individuals who would change his life: Leslie and Lacy Bostic. Under their guidance, John discovered the concepts of faith and spirituality. They instilled in him the words and actions that define a life lived by one’s beliefs.

John Geibel - Overcoming addictionA Triumph Over Addiction: Getting Clean

Today, John stands tall, a testament to the human spirit’s resilience. His sobriety is a milestone representing his personal triumph and his commitment to using his life as a source of inspiration for others facing struggles.

Addiction’s Early Clutches

The seeds of addiction took root in John’s life at a shockingly young age. By the tender age of 13, he had already fallen victim to its insidious allure. It was a battle that would persist, a relentless adversary that tested his strength and resolve.

A New Beginning: Adoption by a Single Father

On his 14th birthday, John’s life took an unexpected turn. He was adopted by a single father, an act of love that held both promise and challenges. The weight of high expectations pressed heavily upon his shoulders as his adoptive father envisioned a future laden with academic achievements, military service, and success.

The Bull Rider’s Ascent

Bull Rider, John GeibelDuring his formative years, John found solace and purpose in a most unlikely arena: bull riding. For a brief but exhilarating period, he embraced this daring pursuit, mounting fierce beasts in a quest for adrenaline and victory. Yet, this path was not without peril. A harrowing injury during one of his rides would lead him into the clutches of pain pills, setting the stage for a protracted battle with addiction.

Graduation Against the Odds: A GED Triumph

Despite life’s challenges in his direction, John’s determination remained unshaken. He achieved a significant milestone by obtaining his GED & graduating ahead of schedule.

A Beacon of Hope: A Journey Unfolds

Motivational Speaker, John Geibel at Sticker Shock Speaking AcademyJohn Geibel’s life journey is a tapestry of experiences, a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. From a tumultuous upbringing marked by abuse and uncertainty to the heights of independence, education, and the thrill of bull riding, his story is a complex narrative. Yet, it is far from complete. With each step, John is determined to use his life story to inspire others to live up to the potential God put inside of them.

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John Geibel, Motivational Speaker – From Addiction to Faith & Recovery

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