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Sean Michael Crane – Developing An Unstoppable Mindset

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At 23, Sean Michael Crane was arrested and faced a life sentence in prison for a crime he didn’t commit. In the blink of an eye, he was thrown into a jail cell where he lived 24 hours a day with nothing. Although he had no hope for the future and a nightmare had become his reality, Sean had to find a way to persevere. This experience became a defining moment in his life and changed his trajectory forever.

Sean Michael Crane - Developing An Unstoppable MindsetSean Michael Crane was no stranger to adversity and hardship at this time in life. He grew up in a volatile home with parents who battled addiction. Sean witnessed arguments, fights, and traumatic events growing up that scared him for many years. Ultimately, Sean lost both parents when he was 14, his father to state prison, and his mother to her addiction. The pain and shock of these early life experiences left Sean in a state of agony he couldn’t overcome.

Lost and Confused

From 14 to 24, Sean Michael Crane sought his remedy, using drugs and alcohol chronically to escape his pain. Despite being a tremendous athlete and student as a child, Sean never applied himself in high school. Instead, he drifted through his adolescence, lost and confused. By that time, Sean Michael Crane found himself in a jail cell at an all-time low. Deep down in his heart, Crane knew he wasn’t living the life he envisioned for himself but had no idea how to break free from the internal prison he felt trapped in.

Promises To Himself

Ultimately, being in prison provided an opportunity Sean Michael Crane may never have had otherwise for what he now calls “redemption. “In his cell, facing decades in prison, Sean made two promises to himself that changed his life forever.

Sean Michael Crane working outThe first promise stemmed directly from the regret he experienced as he reflected on his life, all the things he didn’t do, and the dreams he never pursued. He swore to always be “the best version of himself in every moment” for the remainder of his life. Sean Michael Crane will tell you this promise was about his identity and who he was at the core.

He had spent so many years upset at his parents, distraught over his home life, and in denial using drugs and alcohol as a crutch. He had been drifting through life and never felt he gave it a shot to show the world and himself who he was and what he could accomplish. This promise Sean Michael Crane made went far beyond superficial results or surface-level feelings; this was a lifelong commitment to the core of his being. No matter what he was doing from that moment forward, he was ALL IN!

Sean Michael Crane – Developing An Unstoppable Mindset

The second promise he made himself was never to use drugs or alcohol again. That was over ten years ago, and he’s been sober ever since. Sean Michael Crane knew he had used substances to numb his pain, but he also knew that using drugs and alcohol would hold him back in life. Addiction had wreaked havoc on Sean’s family, and he knew he had to be sober to become the person his heart was calling him to be.

Sean Michael Crane - Prison Of Your OwnSean Michael Crane’s two promises in his tiny 6×8 jail cell became the foundation of his personal growth and transformation over the next 2,007 days. He was sentenced to seven years in prison and served 5 1/2 years. Sean turned his time in prison into the most focused and productive years of his life.

Sean Michael Crane dedicated his time in prison to improving every aspect of his life. He focused on building life-changing routines that shifted his mindset and perspective over time. Each started with an early wake-up time that allowed him to collect his thoughts, focus on gratitude, and prime himself for the day. Sean calls this” putting on my armor.”

Daily Reflection & Self-Mastery

Prison is an unpleasant place to be. It’s dirty and smells, some violent inmates are aggressive, you miss your family, and you are always hungry. However, Sean Michael Crane found that having time each morning to self-reflect and meditate before interacting with anyone gave him a considerable advantage. This daily reflection resulted in self-awareness and control over his thoughts and emotions, which was essential. 

Sean Michael Crane cash e1667160079784Fighting feelings of depression, anxiety, and loneliness became a monumental task in this environment. Still, Sean learned self-mastery in a way most cannot fathom. He found salvation in his daily routines and quickly realized despite being incarcerated, he could still experience joy, inner peace, and fulfillment.

His morning routine consisted of meditation, journaling, reading, and exercise. Sean adhered to this routine every single day. He attributes much of his growth in his time in prison to these early morning hours, where he could learn and discover more about himself than he had his entire life.

Sean Michael Crane’s Daily Exercise Routine

Sean Michael Crane’s daily exercise regimen is where he found the strength and resolve to push through the challenges of each day. He started doing a couple of hundred push-ups each day in his cell and quickly increased his efforts to the point that he could do 1,000 push-ups and 1,000 squats before breakfast. Sean found exercise to be a powerful tool for harnessing positive emotions and thoughts going into his day. Over time, he permanently elevated his internal state through daily exercise and mindfulness.

Every day Sean was investing time and energy into becoming a person he was genuinely proud of. All his actions and thoughts aligned with the person he felt his heart calling him to be. Despite being incarcerated, Sean describes finding immense gratitude and internal peace at this time in his life.

Making The Most Of It

Prison Of Your Own by Sean Michael CraneSean Michael Crane went on to make every day in prison count. For 5 1/2 years, he participated in various self-help groups the prison offered, worked as an inmate counselor, and mentored dozens of other inmates.

He also focused on his education and earned four associate degrees in a college correspondence program at the prison. This resulted in 6 months off his sentence and a passion for education and acquiring knowledge he still harbors today. In addition, his psychology, business, and exercise science studies have been incredibly impactful in Sean’s continued personal and professional growth.

He will tell you he never felt like an inmate, not one day in prison. Instead, he became an athlete, visionary, student, philosopher, public speaker, and a life coach in the most unlikely of places, a prison cell. When he was released from prison in 2017, Sean Michael Crane knew his purpose was to share his story and share what he found within himself to impact the world positively.

A Vision For The Future

Sean also wanted to start a family of his own. He spent countless nights in prison tossing and turning, visions of his future and the life he wanted so severely streaming through his consciousness. Crane envisioned speaking on big stages, sharing his story, envisioned coaching others, and making a massive impact on the world. He envisioned having a beautiful wife and children he would love and adore.

In just four years after his release, Sean Michael Crane accomplished more than that. Just two months after he got out, Sean found a job as a personal trainer in a gym back in Santa Barbara, California, where he’s from. He left that job after six months to start his fitness company and never looked back.

Going All-In

Sean Michael Crane - Prison Of Your OwnSean took his business online full-time in 2018, working as a life coach, helping men worldwide become better versions of themselves. Because of his unique experience, Sean can facilitate powerful breakthroughs with his clients and help them overcome any ailments keeping them stuck in life.

His clients come to him for help with their mindset, daily habits, health, and overall lacking purpose or direction in their life. Sean uses the same strategies with his clients that he used in prison to develop self-mastery and live a life of purpose.

His coaching programs include mindset training, habit formation strategies, fitness and nutrition coaching, and weekly accountability calls. For more information about Sean’s coaching program, reach out to Sean directly on Facebook or Instagram.

Keynote Speaker – Sean Michael Crane

Sean Michael Crane is very passionate about sharing his message and being of service to others. He often speaks at events as a keynote speaker, sharing his inspiring story and life-changing message. Sean is a straightforward and compelling speaker with the ability to facilitate paradigm shifts and inspire his audience to take massive action. Sean has recently spoken all over the country and even delivered a TEDx talk, “Finding Peace In A Prison Cell.” Sean is a highly sought-after keynote speaker at events focused on personal and professional development.

Prison Of Your Own

Sean Michael Crane became a best-selling author in 2020 for his memoir “Prison Of Your Own,” which describes the internal battle most people succumb to in life and how Sean was able to break free of his mental prison while confined in an actual jail cell. Sean’s book highlights key strategies and steps readers can apply to their lives immediately to develop more self-control, awareness, and lives of greater purpose. You can order a copy here Prison Of Your Own, and his book is also available in audio form here Prison Of Your Own Audible

The Family He Dreamed Of

In 2018 Sean Michael Crane married the love of his life, Jessica, and they now have three children, Mason, Scarlett, and Preston. Family is everything to Sean, and he adores his wife and children. In prison, the main thing Sean thought about was if he would be able to have a family of his own upon his return. Being a father, husband, and leader for his family is everything to Sean. He grew up never having the father he desperately needed, which is a significant factor in how dedicated he is as a family man and a leader to the men he coaches.

Prison Of Your Own by Sean Michael Crane

Sean Michael Crane - Prison Of Your Own - Break Free Of Limitations And Unlock Your True PotentialSean’s life of struggle and overcoming countless hardships is a true underdog story. In his book, “Prison Of Your Own,” he outlines, in great detail, his life growing up with parents battling addiction, his own internal battle of addiction and depression, and how, in prison of all places, he was able to overcome years of trauma, feeling lost within himself and hopeless to finding his purpose and recreating his life behind bars.

This is a must-read. His message will inspire you to reflect on your life in ways you never have before and take action to achieve at a higher level. Sean Michael Crane’s book is a bestseller on Amazon and is highly recommended for anyone looking to elevate the quality of their life!

Gratitude & Appreciation

Everything Sean envisioned and yearned for in his time of incarceration has come true. Going to prison saved his life and positively impacted his life’s trajectory. He will tell you firsthand that he feels his time in prison was the best thing to have happened to him. He fought so hard to create the life he has today, and because of that and truly understanding what’s at stake, Crane feels profound gratitude and appreciation for all he has now in a way he never could otherwise.

There Are NO Do-Overs

Sean Michael Crane said he has a moral obligation and responsibility to share his experience in prison and what he learned with the world. “I felt like I died and got a second chance at life,” says Sean.

“What I saw and felt within myself while locked in my cell, facing life in prison, changed me forever. No one knows that feeling until it’s over, but I got a second chance for a reason.

I want you and everyone to know how precious this time is and how you have a calling you feel in your heart and a message you receive through your conscience for a reason. You all have that voice calling you to try harder, be better, make specific changes in your life, face your fears, get out of your comfort zone and take action. That is your higher self screaming at you to take action and live the life you are meant to experience.

If you don’t listen and don’t take action, you will be confronted with regrets later in life that devastate you. Trust me, I know what that feels like, and I promise you don’t want to experience that pain. There are NO do-overs, and this isn’t a rehearsal. Start living your life like you truly understand that, and give every moment of every day all that you’ve got. I promise you’ll never regret that!”

– Sean Michael Crane

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Sean Michael Crane – Developing An Unstoppable Mindset

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