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M. Curtis McCoy – Conducting Interviews For His Next Book

M. Curtis McCoy, a renowned author in the field of personal development, has begun conducting interviews for his next book on personal identity.

M. Curtis McCoy - Motivational Speaker

The book will be co-written by entrepreneurs, motivational speakers, and experts on self-esteem who have built powerful personal brands. You can become a best-selling coauthor if your interview is selected for the project!

“I’ve already written four other books. I learn more with each new book I publish,” M. Curtis McCoy added. “In my previous book, How To Be Successful: Think Like A Leader, I interviewed incredible leaders in a similar fashion. Each shared their insights on success, motivation & inspiration, and I was able to distill the top interviews down into an incredible book!” said the author.

For this project, M. Curtis McCoy wants it to be about more than just him. He wants the book to be about people’s shared experiences of success in their lives. M. Curtis McCoy has already spoken with around 50 entrepreneurs for the book.

The working title for this book is “Becoming You: The Search For Significance

I spoke with M. Curtis McCoy about his next book, and I’m thrilled to share our conversation! M. Curtis McCoy is an extraordinary writer with powerful insights on personal identity.

What are the most challenging problems you encounter while writing your books?

M. Curtis McCoy

This will be my fifth book. Getting leaders to agree to be interviewed by a no-name author was the most challenging part of writing my first few books.

Today, as my books have attained bestseller status and are available at every major library and store across the country, the problem is narrowing down which chapter drafts to include in the book. So many incredible leaders would like to be featured, and there’s not enough room to include each person’s insights.

My team has built an incredible platform that allows potential coauthors to submit their chapter as a series of interview questions in Co-Author A Best-Selling Book with M. Curtis McCoy. – I receive a text message when a chapter draft is submitted so that I may swiftly review it.

How did you come up with the idea for this next book?

175F05D9 6BC4 4F54 BA4D 0E6C699B99FAI volunteer with teens. I’m also a coach for business owners, entrepreneurs, and people who want to enhance their lives. It’s sad how many individuals believe they don’t belong or are not on the intended route.

Over the years, I’ve had hundreds of conversations with individuals who have gone through domestic violence, a divorce, or a breakup. I’ve also coached company owners who want my opinion on what they should do with their lives, although they appear to have everything together from the outside.

What are your thoughts on personal identity in today’s digital world?

M. Curtis McCoy

“Social media has made it easy to compare ourselves to retouched photographs and videos of celebrities who appear to have a perfect existence. These comparisons, however, only serve to make us feel inadequate.” Says M. Curtis McCoy.

He also said, “The good news is that individuals are becoming more conscious of the importance of personal branding in today’s world. You may establish any persona you choose online; it does not have to be perfect. In my opinion, being genuine is the most crucial thing. Be yourself, and don’t try to be someone else.”

What would you suggest to someone having trouble determining who they’re supposed to be?

I’d encourage them to read my book, “The Search For Significance,” which is a fantastic place to start for anybody wanting to enhance their life and figure out who they’re supposed to be. I’d also advise them to seek the advice of a coach or mentor on their path. There are so many outstanding individuals that are ready and able to assist others in achieving their goals.

Whatever your path, keep in mind that you are not alone. You’ve arrived at precisely the place you’re supposed to be. Everything happens for a reason, and you have the power to design the life you desire.

Who are your favorite writers?

T. D. Jakes has some fantastic books, and though I haven’t seen him in many years, I’d like to invite him to be interviewed for a chapter in my next book. Anthony Trucks is another wonderful author I’m looking forward to interviewing, Russell Brunson, Tim S. Grover, and Carmine Gallow.

Daniel Gomez is a great friend with many insights on personal identity and becoming who God created you to be.

Another person I’d like to interview is H.J. Chammas, a friend who has written several outstanding books, including “The Employee Millionaire” and “The 4 Stages of Building Wealth.”

“High-Performance Habits” by Brendon Buchard and “Platform” by Cynthia Johnson are two of my recent reads. I want to invite each of these writers to contribute a chapter too!

What book do you consider to be an essential work on personal identity?

Before writing this book, I read several books on personal identity. Still, I believe it will be interesting to interview various leaders in the field to share their knowledge. It’s terrific to hear multiple viewpoints on the same topic and let readers decide for themselves!

Get in touch with M. Curtis McCoy

M. Curtis McCoy says, “You can find me on most social media platforms by searching @MCurtisMcCoy but you can visit MCurtisMcCoy.com if you’re not active on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn, or Twitter.”

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