Kirk Mote, The 7-Figure Event Sales Guru shares insights on maximizing event revenues

Kirk Mote, The 7-Figure Event Sales Expert Shares Insights On Maximizing Event Revenues

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Kirk Mote is a serial entrepreneur, business strategist, and real estate investor. After graduating high school, Kirk Mote lived in El Salvador for a year. During his junior year of college, he was one of two first responders to a cardiac emergency for a complete stranger, which inspired the creation of a medical device and training company: Rescue Site Services. Committing to this first venture was hard, but Kirk knew he wanted to start a company, and it set the tone for a significant transformation.

American Entrepreneur, Kirk Mote

Kirk Mote: Founder of Rescue Site ServicesKirk founded his first company at age 23, Rescue Site Services. He learned a lot about business management, sales, marketing, and platform development. Over seven years, Kirk Mote made over 350 presentations to private, public, and government organizations, trained over 4,000 people, and created distribution agreements with over 200 independent business owners and suppliers.

Kirk Mote is the Founder and President of Pass The Pulse, a non-profit organization that helps families and communities prevent, prepare, and adequately respond to cardiovascular disease and stroke.

Kirk Mote is also the owner of MowHawk Landscape, a management firm specializing in residential home improvement businesses. He’s also the Founder and Managing Partner of Atlanta Fix N Flip, a real estate investment company.

Kirk Mote’s journey of starting and growing companies like Rescue Site Services, Pass the Pulse, MowHawk Landscape, and Atlanta Fix N Flip was invaluable. Building these companies gave him experience securing loans, negotiating purchase agreements, buying and selling businesses, building an affiliate technology platform, hiring and developing teams, and creating new business concepts.

7-Figure Event Sales w/ Event Sales hub

Kirk Mote took everything he had learned over the past decade and decided to start a new event Sales Hub company. He created a strategy, system, and proprietary process to deliver done-for-you event sales.

Kirk Mote - 7-Figure Event Sales w/ Event Sales hub

Kirk Mote is on a mission to help speakers achieve their personal, professional, and financial goals by delivering transformational events. He is accomplishing this through his network of experienced closers who look forward to serving you at your next event. Whether you host boot camps, workshops, seminars, or conferences, Event Sales Hub is the expert in growing your business through events sales.

Experience the power of hiring professionals to increase ticket sales, event sales, and post-event follow-up sales. Not to mention, they create, design, and deliver your offers & pitch decks. If you offer high ticket coaching or services, they also finance 100% of that purchase, so you aren’t stuck collecting for months.

Hire Kirk Mote

Hire Kirk Mote for your next event!There are 31.5 million small to mid-sized businesses in the United States and 25 million of which have one employee; 5.3 million have 2-12 employees, and only 600 thousand have more than 12 employees.

Data shows that Every five years, two-thirds of these businesses fail. Interestingly, two-thirds is almost precisely the number of businesses with one employee. Kirk Mote believes these businesses fail because one person cannot possibly wear all the “hats” necessary to run a successful business.

Event Sales hub is designed specifically for speakers, coaches, and mentors ready to grow their business more effectively, efficiently, and profitably by investing in a team of professionals closer to represent you, your offer, at your event.

Apply today with Event Sales Hub  to see if your next event qualifies.

Contributing Editor

High-ticket event sales expert, Kirk MoteWe’re excited to welcome Kirk Mote as a contributing editor at News Wire Magazine! Recently, a small event generated $12,000 in additional revenue because of the partnership Kirk initiated between News Wire Magazine and the event host through Event Sales Hub.

If you have an upcoming event focused on leadership, business, marketing, personal branding, or professional development, reach out to Kirk Mote to see if News Wire Magazine can help you secure additional revenue and get your attendees engaged with high-quality content before, during, and after your event, through a revenue share.

Kirk Mote is the definition of a self-made man. Kirk Mote is a serial entrepreneur and business owner who has started and grown several businesses from the ground up. He’s an event sales and marketing expert with a proven track record of generating seven-figure revenue for his clients. If you want to take your events to the next level, Kirk Mote is your man!

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Kirk Mote, The 7-Figure Event Sales Expert Shares Insights On Maximizing Event Revenues

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