For the first time, the blockchain offers individuals the ability to verifiably own digital art, images and more. This incredible technology allows individuals to create their own galleries or museums to share with the world the NFTs they have acquired. This decentralization is a major milestone for the preservation of the past. To help NFT collectors safeguard facts and images, the Associated Press, MetaList and Binance are auctioning ten AP news NFTs that mark milestones in world history and human achievement. For the first time, NFT collectors can bring authentic and original AP historic news photos into their collection and help preserve this history forever.


Running until October 26th, collectors are invited to bid on ten rare NFTs capturing AP’s coverage of major milestones in global history. The NFTs offer collectors permanent records of events such as the first person in space, the first US spacewalk as well as events that set the course for the current world order including the D-Day landing in Normandy. Major figures in world history are also included, from Winston Churchill and Franklin Delano Roosevelt to the revolutionary Che Guevara.

Metalist co-founder Sharona told reporters:

“We not only need to preserve AP’s record of historical events, but to make sure they remain secure, accurate and accessible for centuries to come. Ensuring these artifacts are in the hands of trusted collectors and available to all is important.”

History, of course, is not filled with achievements alone. The AP has captured moments of despair and conflict and these images are equally important to preserve forever. Two such NFTs are 9/11 and AP’s news coverage of US President John F Kennedy’s fateful visit to Dallas, Texas.

There are also moments where the world comes together to celebrate hope and optimism. Included in the auction is an official AP photo of the “Wedding of the Century” featuring Prince Charles and Lady Diana as well as Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth and the late Prince Philip.

As Dwayne Desaulniers, Director of Blockchain and Data Licensing for the Associated Press, said:

“The Associated Press’s NFT series is our tribute to history, and we are excited to create these NFTs for collectors who share our goal to ensure world facts are preserved and recorded on the blockchain.”

The NFTs are currently on auction on the Binance NFT marketplace. Over 23,000 mystery boxes have already sold out and the auction presents the final opportunity to own these valuable pieces of history.


The auction concludes on October 26th.

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Source: The Associated Press Mints and Preserves the Greatest Moments in World History

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