In the past, press releases used to be very expensive and time-consuming to produce. In today’s social media-driven world, press releases are still relevant; however, press releases have transitioned into a more strategic tool that marketers can use for a much higher ROI on time and money invested. In addition, press releases are no longer the most costly way to let the media know about the news you’re sharing. Now, viral distribution potential makes them one of the most effective marketing tools available!

How do press releases get distributed?

Most press release distribution services offer different access levels, with some targeting specific industries or regions and others aiming for comprehensive coverage.

In the past, many reporters complained about having their email inbox filled with dozens of unsolicited emails per hour from press release distribution companies that purchased bulk email distribution lists.

Newer press release distribution services like allow you to automatically target reporters, bloggers, and influencers by sending your relevant press release directly to their RSS feed without filling up their email inbox!

How do press releases boost SEO?

Well-written press releases also boost SEO indirectly. For example, you may be featured on a news site and attract the interest of visitors. You’re likely to see a boost in traffic if people are intrigued and stay on your website, with the potential of more visitors exploring your content. If people like your site, they’ll click through to different pages, link to your content, or even write an article about the press release and link back!

How do reporters get press release RSS feeds?

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) Feeds provide journalists with a continuous resource for the latest news. These feeds are updated automatically and categorize recent content in an easy-to-find format, allowing reporters to stay up-to-date and dedicating significant time to only essential research.

When you submit a press release to sites like, a professional copywriter will review your article before it’s approved for distribution. Once your article is approved, it will be instantly indexed and added to a relevant RSS feed category.

How do online newspapers & blogs use press release RSS feeds? offers one of the best RSS feed services available for news publications, bloggers, and journalists. These RSS news feeds can manually or automatically syndicate content for their site. In addition, either article snippets or full-source RSS feeds are available to send new articles that can be modified or rewritten To prevent duplicate content penalties.

Each RSS feed includes a link to the source so your press release can gain traffic directly from the syndicated content!

Many bloggers choose to syndicate relevant RSS feed categories directly into their post drafts! Although this type of distribution isn’t immediate, it gives bloggers and news sites a chance to rewrite the article to fit their tone of voice and target audience.

The beauty of press release RSS feed syndication to post draft is that a great press release can go viral because search engines see many well-known news sites write about the same topic!

How do reporters use RSS feeds to get news stories?

Reporters can find stories by browsing through RSS feeds. They might set up a Google News Alert for the keywords that are relevant to their niche!

We know a radio show host in Las Vegas who has an Android tablet that displays an RSS feed reader with the most recent press releases for his selected topics. As a result, the radio show gets real-time news to discuss (even before popular news sites published their content)!

If you had submitted a press release to, this reporter could see your story as soon as it went live, instead of ignoring or deleting it as you filled up his email inbox with spammy-looking emails!

How do press releases get distributed to social media?

One thing that makes one of the most relevant press release distribution platforms in 2021 is that we handpick exciting articles to share with social networks, including LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

Each press release also includes social share buttons on each article so your friends, family, employees, and any interested reader can share your press release to their platform as well!

How do PR firms use press releases?

PR firms often send our high traffic links as clients’ follow-up after media interviews, so reporters don’t forget who we are and what we’re promoting. Press releases are most effective when they have the potential to go viral, which is why it’s essential to use keywords that will attract your target audience.

How to get the best results from press release distribution

Blogs and social media networks can be a great way to get your press release in front of a broader audience, but you’ll want to make sure the content is newsworthy and pertinent to your target demographic so they’re willing to share it!

If you write your press release with your target audience in mind, you’ll get much better results than if you try to cram it full of details about you.

5 Steps: How To Write A Great Press Release That Gets Media Coverage

Professional proofreading & editing

One of our expert copywriters at can edit and review your press release for you! Professional proofreading & editing will help minimize any grammatical and spelling errors to have a more polished document. The small cost is well worth the investment in quality, which may result in increased distribution due to the improved quality.

How much do press releases cost?

Press release distribution prices vary greatly, ranging from free on sites like up to $1,899 or more on other popular sites.

Are Press Releases Still Relevant In 2021?

Absolutely! Many news sites and bloggers are still using press releases to distribute content in a way that’s easily consumable for readers. Press releases are still an effective form of marketing when written with the target audience in mind!

Press release syndication is not only relevant–it’s essential for any company or individual who needs their message shared widely. Press release distribution RSS feed services like ours make it easy to reach new audiences, no matter whether they’re located, what time zone they live in, or which platform they prefer to use!

What’s the most relevant press release distribution service?

We invite you to check out other press release distribution services, but be sure to bookmark this page because we’re confident you’ll see we’re your best choice!

  • is the most relevant press release distribution platform in 2021.
  • Press releases are an effective form of marketing when written with the target audience in mind.
  • PR firms often send our high traffic links as clients’ follow-up after media interviews, so reporters don’t forget who we are and what we’re promoting.
  • Blogs and social networks can be a great way to get your press release distributed to larger audiences, but you’ll want it to have newsworthiness and pertinence for your target demographic, so they’re willing to share it!
  • Press Releases vary significantly in price from free on sites like News Wire up to $1800 or more on other popular sites.

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