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Get the news you want, automatically syndicated directly to your site, by selecting the RSS feeds that are relevant to your subject or industry! Specialized RSS Feeds are a simple and effective way for Journalists to find relevant news stories, without filling up their email inbox daily!

The Best RSS Feeds For Journalists

A Really Simple Syndication (RSS) Feed is one of the most popular ways for journalists to find new content and stories online. RSS feeds update automatically for their category, which means reporters and news agencies can easily find recent information for their target audience. These feeds save a lot of time and resources for anyone looking to get the latest scoop. offers one of the best RSS feed services available for news publications, bloggers, and journalists. Use News-Wire to syndicate content for your website automatically, whether you want headlines with article snippets, or full-source RSS feeds. With this service, you can track and personalize content all from a single place! 

What is News Wire?

As a press release distribution platform, News-Wire provides a straightforward resource for businesses to get their story out. You can also find new content sources and subscribe to them using our comprehensive RSS feed list. News Wire gives you a diverse range of packages, ranging from free to paid versions, for press release distribution. You can even submit a press release without creating an account! The paid packages come in three tiers, along with multiple customization options.

If you are a journalist, News Wire provides you with multiple categories and feed types to use for sourcing your news coverage.

Why Should You Start using News Wire RSS?

With the growing technology saturation, more and more businesses and websites are offering RSS Feeds. Through one of these feeds, you can get the news of your choice sent directly to your site. Specialized RSS Feeds like News-Wire offers are a simple and effective way for journalists to find relevant news stories, without filling up their email inbox daily.

One of the best features of News Wire is that we offer both the typical “RSS Post Excerpt” feed as well as category-specific “RSS Full Content” feeds. This way, our press releases can be syndicated directly to news websites quickly and easily.

Best RSS feeds for journalists has a clean and user-friendly interface while still including all the features required for managing or reading your RSS feeds. News Wire RSS feeds can be integrated into any of the most popular RSS feed readers. Reporters are looking for convenient and informative resources, and that is why they choose News-Wire!

More about News Wire RSS feeds

RSS feeds can benefit you as a publisher as well as a consumer.

Here are the top reasons why you should be using RSS feeds:

  • News Wire offers you full-content RSS feeds, which you can quickly scan through to find both headlines and read a snippet of all the articles. By using these services, you also get a chance to syndicate the entire text of each item.
  • If you are a business owner or a webmaster, then RSS can be essential for you. Through the creation of an RSS feed for your content, you can encourage visitors to subscribe to your website.
  • is a spam-free service. Unlike many other similar websites, News Wire saves you from wading through massive amounts of spam.
  • It is easy to unsubscribe from the RSS feed service whenever you want.
  • An RSS feed is one of the best ways of creating backlinks. It is an excellent option for your business to increase your backlinks quickly!

With the help of RSS Newsfeeds, you can increase productivity as you scan through new posts and the latest headlines.