News Wire MeaningA wire service, or newswire, is used by journalists and editors to get the latest news fast. Wire services broadcast their content via satellite, fax machines, or closed editorial systems in recent decades. Newswire services use various technologies to distribute press releases, including email, FTP servers, and RSS feeds. Recently, some newswire services are also distributing press releases via social media.

When was the first newswire?

Today’s wire services originate from the invention of the first commercial teletype in 1837. The first commercial newswire was established in 1848.

Today, wire services provide information to media outlets and are also called news agencies, cooperatives, or networks that prepare hard-news articles for use by media outlets with little or no editing needed.

When did newswires start using satellites?

  • Sputnik 1 was the first satellite with a radio transmitter, and it was launched on October 4th, 1957.
  • Project SCORE was the first communications satellite and the first test of a space communications relay system, with the first recorded voice transmission (U.S. President Dwight Eisenhower) on December 18th, 1958.
  • Telstar 1 was the world’s first active, direct relay communications satellite and the first to relay television, telephone, and high-speed data communications. It was launched on July 10th, 1962.

When was News Wire created?

News Wire was initially registered on 05/02/1997, but M. Curtis McCoy recently acquired the company. News Wire announced the acquisition on 08/18/2021.

When was RSS created?

RDF Site Summary, the first version of RSS, was created by Dan Libby and Ramanathan V. Guha at Netscape.

Today, sites like use RSS (Really Simple Syndication) to

What is a newswire?

A newswire is a service that provides journalists with information. Newswires have been around for decades and initially distributed this information via satellite, fax, or closed editorial systems. Today wire services provide hard-news articles, features, and other material to be used by media outlets.

News distribution through wires has been replaced mainly by the internet and other electronic means such as email newsletters, but press release distribution sites like that syndicate news to social media have seen a massive uptick in traffic!

What is a press release?

A press release is a short, written statement that describes some new or upcoming event. News agencies distribute the releases to journalists and other people who are interested in the news. It’s also called an “article” or “press report.” One of the original ways to send out a release is by emailing it with distribution lists, but emails are rapidly being replaced by RSS syndication.

Who can subscribe to a Newswire’s distribution list, and how do they sign up for it?

Anyone can subscribe to News Wire’s distribution list, RSS feeds or follow us on social media. Visit:, then select the news categories you wish to receive!

If you prefer to read your news on a news website, instead of through a feed burner or RSS syndication platform, click the title of the category, and you’ll be able to read the daily articles on our website!

What are some of the technologies that newswire services use to distribute press releases?

Press release distribution services use various technologies to distribute press releases, including email, FTP servers, and RSS feeds. Recently, some newswire services are also distributing press releases via social media.

What are some advantages of sending out a newswire?

They are a great way to make sure your news is distributed and reaching your intended audience.

By sending your press release via a wire service, you get essential exposure through prominent media outlets. Plus, you will often see an increase in social engagement when journalists pick up your release on Twitter, Facebook, or other popular social networking sites.

Lastly, you can even integrate regular updates into the text of the wire to keep readers on top of all changes within your company’s work. In other words, this technique allows for content marketing while also communicating internally with co-workers about events!

Who can submit articles, and why is it essential to do so?

Anyone can submit articles, and it’s wise to do so for many reasons, including: When submitting your press release, journalists are notified that they have a new story to read! It is also a unique way to generate fresh content on your site. Lastly, you’ll create backlinks from other websites if those sites aggregate your article!

How can one send out a newswire?

Visit Submit A Press Release to send out a newswire!

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