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Bill K. Griffith Launches the Cope Hope or Dope Podcast

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Bill K. Griffith is a 44-year-old coach, teacher, and motivator that recently moved to the Western Slope. Primarily being a football coach in his professional career, his focus has always been more than inspiring his athletes to go beyond their physical abilities. Challenging his athletes to use the power of positive thoughts has always intrigued him. Since 2001, when he began his coaching career, the teams he coached for always seemed to accomplish victories on and off the field.

Bill K. Griffith Launches the Cope Hope or Dope Podcast However, Bill K. Griffith has gone through a transition in his life that has altered his approach to coaching entirely. Because of his battle with addiction and depression, his marriage crumbled, and he found himself alone, searching for answers. Going within himself, he found those answers through spiritual healing.

Refusing to be a victim of any circumstance, Coach Griff as his players/students call him has started a podcast. “Cope Hope or Dope,” to share his observations of coping skills, mindfulness, and overall awareness of oneself to take control of their life.

With his divorce finalizing next month, Bill K. Griffith remains consistently optimistic every day. He has two of the cutest boys I have ever seen, and they love their Daddy. Coach Griff says, “I am teaching them how to be a Superior Man now, so they won’t have to do the suffering I did on his journey.” However, Bill says he wouldn’t trade anything that has happened along the way, “My wounds are now Wisdom.”

Bill K. Griffith on Mindset

Bill K. Griffith knows that mindset is the key to any victories in life. “The mind is a wild animal. Our job is to train to become still and know we are the creator of our lives”. He says one of the best coping skills he has learned is meditation which he does multiple times a day. Coach Griff has been working to become certified in this area to expand his knowledge and help teach it to others.

The Keys to Success According to Bill K. Griffith

Bill K. Griffith, founder of the Cope Hope or Dope Podcast

Getting up early and planning your day is how he immediately responded to this question. “I use block timing to create my day; waking up grateful is the first thing I recommend. Meditation is—next, one to two-mile jog, yoga, weights, then breakfast. Brush my teeth with my left hand, give myself a high five, and mirror talk to tell myself how much I love and value myself. Changing my diet altered a lot for me as well. No more gluten dairy-free has been liberating to my whole being. Lastly, I write down ten things I am grateful for with my left hand and then remain still, saying to myself, guidance, how may I serve.”

Work Hard

Bill assured me that he has always been a hard worker, something every successful person must have in their toolbox. “My success as of late has been more influential by using power rather than forcing events and circumstances to change, simply allowing ideas and creativity to flow instead of moving things to happen. It is truly magical when it opens up to flow. I use acronyms often, and flow is Feeling Love Obtaining Wealth, inviting love in wealth with always follow.”


“Throughout my life, I have worked with a positive mindset, and we become what we think about, good or bad—becoming aware that we are the creators of our lives. We choose to live in a loving or hostile world, paraphrasing one of Einstein’s observations.”

Final Thoughts from Bill Griffith

“Our self-perception is that main ingredient in changing our world. Seeing ourselves as confident, kind, loving people is how the world sees us. The most important words we hear daily are the words we tell ourselves.”

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Bill K. Griffith Launches the Cope Hope or Dope Podcast

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