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Engineering Virality – Growth Hacking Your Personal Brand

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The Creator Economy is helping entrepreneurs make millions of dollars doing what they love and creating content out of it. Mega entrepreneurs like Gary Vaynerchuk, Alex Hormozi, and Grant Cardone have built their personal brands by mass-producing valuable content at scale.

Engineering Virality - Growth Hacking Your Personal Brand - Argel AlguraBecause of the personal brands they’ve built on social media, they now have a massive following, brand deals coming at them left and right, and more clients than they know what to do with.

They completely dominate their marketplaces and have become their industry’s go-to thought leaders. And now, social media platforms are making it easier to grow an audience fast without paying for advertising by creating organic content.

Engineering Virality – How Do You Build A Personal Brand in 2023?

Gary Vaynerchuk reveals his strategies to how he’s amassed an audience of tens of millions of followers and how you can do it in today’s era. The bottom line is that you must consistently create valuable and shareable content that your audience already craves.

Make valuable content. And make A LOT of it. But how much content do we need to build a decent social media presence?

Engineering Virality

Vaynerchuk says to break through the noise as a personal brand, you need to be putting out four pieces of content A DAY on social media, which for the average business owner and CEO, who is already busy running their company, is way more than they have time for.

Having to record, produce, and post four pieces of content a day already sounds like a full-time job. But they have the level of influence that most people do not because they were willing to make content creation a priority. (These creators are engineering virality).

And the great news is content creation/engineering virality doesn’t have to be that difficult.

There is one growth hack above all else that all top influencers use to create massive amounts of content in little to no extra time while still being able to run their businesses with peace of mind. Being able to implement this one growth hack is the best action you can take to create content regularly and build your audience organically.

The biggest growth hack that all the top influential entrepreneurs use is that they all have launched a podcast.

Podcasting Is The Greatest Growth Hack To Building Your Personal Brand.

Big Money Media - Engineering ViralityWhen you launch a podcast, you are doing multiple things simultaneously:

  • When you turn that podcast episode into social media clips, you record a week’s content in one hour.
  • You are growth-hacking an audience when your guest’s followers follow you.
  • You are subconsciously handling the objections of your future clients by asking the right questions.
  • You build a relationship with your guest, setting you up for larger business partnerships.
  • And you are having fun, creating authentic connections, and being yourself in the process.
  • You are engineering virality (if you generate enough viral social media clips).

Podcasting is the most underestimated tool for creating massive amounts of content in a very short period of time. Once you record and produce your podcast, you need to turn it into bite-sized pieces of content to create a viral social media strategy. There are a few different ways you can do this:

Engineering Virality Option 1 – Do it yourself.

Doing it yourself will allow you to save the most money instead of hiring it out, but it will also take much of your personal time. You’ll take time away from running the day-to-day operations of your business, and you’ll have to go through the learning curve of video editing.

If you can afford the time to learn an entirely new technical skill and love the art of content creation, then this is not a bad option.

Engineering Virality Option 2 – Hire virtual assistants.

Virtual assistants will save you money and time because offloading video work overseas is cost-effective and still gets the job done.

If you know how to work well in opposite different time zones, communicate clearly what you are looking for, and manage them as a part of your internal content creation team, then hiring virtual assistants can be incredibly effective in engineering virality.

From personal experience, a major pitfall you need to be aware of is communicating clearly through time zone differences. The time zone differences will delay your production by days, if not weeks if you do not know how to properly communicate what you’re looking for, which will derail your social media strategy.

Assuming that they’re competent, hiring virtual assistants will still be a hands-on that will require you to put together your own effective social media strategy.

Engineering Virality Option 3 – Partner with a professionally trained content production studio.

A professional content production studio will handle everything for you from start to finish. They are strategic with the types of content you create together, bringing your future customers one step closer to closing more business with you after every piece of content they consume.

The professional content production studio will post-produce your podcast and video clips in such a way that grabs your future customer’s attention immediately and will do so with a quick turnaround time. They ensure your content is distributed on the right social media platform, at the right time, and in front of the right audience, ready to buy your service and do business with you.

Ultimately, they give you peace of mind, knowing that you must focus on recording your content, and they will handle the rest.

This option is a higher dollar investment and will yield the highest return in engineering virality if you’re a business owner whose time is more valuable than the money you make.

Depending on where you are at in your business, and your content creation journey will determine which option is best for you.

Regardless of how you do it, the important thing is you’re a business owner looking to grow your personal brand and be the king of your industry. Anything short of engineering virality is cheating yourself out of the impact you can create in this world. This market is short on bold entrepreneurs courageous enough to share their message and ideas with the world. Sharing your podcasts on social media is the best way to tell your story, connect with a massive audience, and growth hacks your personal brand.

Engineering Virality - Growth Hacking Your Personal BrandAnd because of this, Argel Algura’s team has assembled artificial intelligence software to help turn your podcasts into social media-ready clips in one click.

This AI will take a one-hour podcast episode and turn it into 20+ clips, all at a click of a button.

No more spending hours digging through podcasts to find the right clips…

It is trained to find the best clips most likely to go viral, cut them, and give them to you in a ready-to-download file.

Content creators say they can produce up to twice as many clips in half the time using this AI than if they were to manually do it themselves.

That means you can take all of your existing podcast episodes and create months’ worth of social media content in a very short period of time.

What would normally take an entire editing team a week’s time to turn around, you can do it in an hour while saving money. Using AI for the purpose of engineering virality puts you ahead of the competition. We want you to try it for free.

If you have an existing podcast and want to grow your personal brand, try this AI for free and watch as it generates clips for your social media.

Engineering ViralityArgel Algura wants to help you tell your story and impact the world with your message by sharing more of your podcast content on social media. As a result, you will be in front of bigger audiences ready and willing to pay for your products or services.

To reach a wider audience, connect with future customers, and growth-hack your personal brand, click the link below and try out this incredible AI.

Engineering Virality – Growth Hack Your Personal Brand

Once you’re in, you’ll be able to create massive amounts of content faster than your competitors and have more deal flow than you’ll know what to do with.

And if you find value in it, share it with a fellow content creator. Going viral generates massive (free) traffic that’s brand-relevant.

What does engineering virality mean?

Many so-called experts say Engineering virality is impossible because virality “is not” engineerable. While we can never guarantee explosive growth or that something will “go viral,” you can massively increase your odds of going viral and boost the overall organic growth of your company and user base when you flood social media with relevant video clips.

The more meaningful content we can create, the better entrepreneurs we can all become. Cheers to engineering virality & creating quality content faster.

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Engineering Virality – Growth Hacking Your Personal Brand

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