Operation LIFE with Ian Inman

Operation LIFE – Lighting Hope’s Beacon in the Shadow of Jihad

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An ominous silence had fallen in a secluded corner of Pakistan, where sunlight once pierced through the stained-glass windows of churches, crafting mosaics of hope on hallowed grounds. 

Sufyan with Operation LIFE outside a burned down churchChristians in this region came under violent attack by Jihadists who beat, raped, and murdered them for their belief in Jesus and refusal to convert to Islam. They bore witness to atrocities that stained their sanctuaries and silenced their hymns.

The attackers thought violence would silence them, but they failed to understand the true love, mercy, and forgiveness found in Christ. A phoenix has risen from these embers of desolation – Operation LIFE, which stands for Liberating Individuals From Exploitation.

A Biblical Awakening

“For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world, but sacrifice his soul?” – Mark 8:36


Amidst the somber ashes and fading echoes, the timeless words of the Bible stirred. Every scorched wall, every silenced choir, reverberated with a love that refused to be quenched.

They built a friendship that would seem highly unlikely in today’s society. A decorated U.S. Army Staff Sergeant turned successful Christian entrepreneur uniting with an enslaved child turned passionate pastor and evangelist. They are now on a mission to provide supplies, support, and security to persecuted Christians worldwide.

From US-Army Medboard to Entrepreneur & Philanthropist

A decorated U.S. Army Staff Sergeant served for ten years and deployed to West Africa and Afghanistan with Special Operations. Beyond his deployments, he won 5 Best Warrior Competitions and 2 Special Forces Commando Competitions.

He completed U.S. Army Airborne, Air Assault, S.E.M.A., SERE, and Recruiter Schools. Late in his career, he received news he would be getting medically separated from the U.S. Army.

Instead of letting this defeat him, Ian used it as fuel to discover his new calling in life. This time, it wouldn’t be war that sculpted his heart but the resonating teachings of Jesus Christ.

His vision wasn’t just to rebuild but to resurrect faith, love, and unity, drawing inspiration from Mark 8:36.

Unyielding Allies: Sufyan’s Testimony From Slavery to Freedom

Sufyan and Local Pastors Praying Inside Burned ChurchStanding shoulder to shoulder was Sufyan, a beacon of perseverance and hope. A Pakistani native, Sufyan lost his parents at a young age and was forced into child slavery. Eventually, he earned his freedom and became a Christian Pastor.

Sufyan’s life is a testament to the harmonious dance between faith and perseverance. His story, one of resilience amidst persecution, embodied Apostle Paul’s relentless pursuit to spread the teachings of Jesus. Sufyan came to Ian and said, “God has called me to bring Christianity to Pakistan and restore love and peace in the region.”

Together, they created Operation LIFE and shared the love of Christ with approximately 4,000 people while employing a team of roughly 60.

Operation LIFE at Ground Zero

Ian Inman and His Squad TrainingTestimonies of locals offered the world a glimpse into the epicenter of this devastating event.

“I couldn’t hold myself together when I saw these poor affected people suffering. After I came home from this, I almost cried every day. God knows my faithfulness and tears for these innocent people and children, raped and injured women.”

“This situation is not only in the churches. It has also damaged the homes and lives of Christian families. 200+ houses where these families lived have now been destroyed.”

“In a heart-wrenching act, Holy Bibles, Youth Devotions, Sunday School Kids Bibles were deliberately burned.”

“Father God, thank you that I can stop striving and know that you are God, you are faithful, you are El Shaddai, you are more than enough and can do more than enough.”

Rallying the Global Team

Burned Down ChurchThe call of Operation LIFE isn’t just an appeal for funds or another non-profit asking for money. It is to unite every Christian under the encompassing love of Jesus Christ and put this love on a global stage. We want to unite under one banner and provide supplies, support, and security to our fellow brothers and sisters in these high-risk regions.

How would you like to help restore the 26 churches that were burned down and positively impact the lives of the Christians affected in these regions?

Operation LIFE runs covert operations in numerous regions that deliver bibles, resources, food and medical supplies, and security for those spreading the gospel and accepting Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

Operation LIFE

Every penny, every prayer, and every share becomes a brick in the sanctuary of hope and love they aim to rebuild. 100% of donations to Operation LIFE are forwarded to the front lines. Our board of directors and stateside employees are not paid.

Operation LIFE is made up of passionate volunteers on a mission to support our fellow Believers in harm’s way. They built Operation LIFE like the Apostle Paul’s ministry to create a lasting impact on the lives they touch.

Dawn on the Horizon

Sufyan in a Burned Down Church, working with Operation LIFE

With every restored sanctuary and hymn that finds its voice again, Operation LIFE isn’t just rebuilding structures but constructing a global testament to the undying love of Jesus. The narrative isn’t one of loss but of resurrection, symbolized by our logo, the Phoenix.

As the sun casts its golden glow on these high-risk communities again, the world will witness the true might of faith, hope, and unity. Will you join us?

Join Operation LIFE and become part of this unparalleled testament to humanity’s boundless potential to love, healing, and unity in the name of Jesus.

Ready to Join The Movement?

Let’s not wait for another tragedy to remind us of our interconnectedness. Stand with Operation LIFE in this endeavor. Your support is invaluable whether you can contribute funds, skills, or prayers.

DONATE NOW at OperationLife.com to make a tangible difference. Your generosity can rebuild a church, light up a home, or bring a smile to a family’s face as they discover Jesus for the first time and experience His unending love.

Can’t afford to donate? Sometimes, all it takes to make a difference is amplifying the message. We invite you to share the cause by sharing this article on social media.

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Operation LIFE – Lighting Hope’s Beacon in the Shadow of Jihad

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