Image: Roof of the satnav world

Image: Roof of the satnav world
Credit: ESA-Remedia

A little forest of antennas sprouts from the roofing of ESA’s Navigation Laboratory, based at the ESTEC technical center in the Netherlands, which is amongst the most often satnav-fixed areas on Earth. This is likewise the website of the extremely initially Galileo placing repair, gotten back in 2014 utilizing the veryfirst quartet of Galileo satellites.

“The antenna is a important part of any Global Navigation Satellite System user sector, catching power from the electro-magnetic waves it gets, then transforming it into electrical existing to be processed by the rest of the receiver chain,” describes Radio Navigation Engineer Michelangelo Albertazzi.

“Up here we have a range of antenna styles in location—such as omnidirectional, high gain and selections—from leading world receiver producers, which acquire signals from all significant worldwide GNSS constellations, consistingof Galileo, GPS, the Russian Glonass and China’s Beidou, as well as local systems such as Europe’s EGNOS.”

The NavLab is likewise gearedup with advanced devices to record, replay and examine the RF signals selected up by these antennas, to aid with its primary objective of carryingout tests, analyses and characterisation of navigation systems for both ESA and external clients.

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Source: Image: Roof of the satnav world.

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