45% Of Podcast Listeners Started Listening To Podcasts In The Past Year

Acast and Nielsen Acast, the world’s biggest independent podcast business has actually revealed the outcomes of brand-new podcast listener research study carried out in partnership with Nielsen. The research study of 2,002 UK and Irish grownups who take in podcasts a minimum of month-to-month discovered that 45% of listeners began listening to podcasts in the previous year, showing that the podcast landscape is abundant with chances for brand names and podcasters to reach brand-new audiences.

According to the findings, there’s likewise untapped capacity in the more youthful generations– regardless of usually being a medium related to Millenial audiences, 53% of 18-34- year-old podcast listeners just beginning to do so in the previous year. In contrast, 65% of over 55 s begun listening more than 12 months back.

More than a 3rd (37%) of participants stated they listen to podcasts every day, while more than 2 thirds (70%) engage with podcast material more than when a week– however listeners likewise stated they anticipate to increase their podcast intake in the next 6 months.

Almost a 3rd (32%) of those surveyed stated they prepare to listen to more podcast throughout this time. That’s greater than the 25% who stated they anticipate to increase the quantity of music they stream, and the 27% who prepare to invest more time streaming video material.

For marketers, an engaged and devoted podcast audience is likewise another most likely to engage with brand name messaging they may hear, with 62% of participants stating they’ve taken direct action following an advert they heard in a podcast.

31% stated they thought about or bought the brand/product discussed. 26% promoted for (read/wrote/discussed favorably) it, 24% followed it on social networks, and 24% looked for more info.

That makes podcasts an exceptionally appealing possibility for any media strategy. And the listen-through rate (LTR) from participants is similarly remarkable– for episode 30-45 minutes long, 41% of listeners state they listen to either “most” or “about half”, validating pre-roll and mid-roll advertisement positionings as excellent methods to reach listeners. For podcasts downloaded to a listener’s individual gadget, instead of streamed, 71% will listen to “all” or “most” of an episode.

Podcasts are likewise viewed as a relied on source of details– and listeners ranked them much higher in this regard than other media platforms. According to the research study, 36% trust what they speak with a podcast host when discussing a brand name or business, compared to simply 18% for radio.

Crucially for marketers, podcasts have low levels of marketing tiredness compared to other kinds of media. The research study suggests that simply 29% of listeners state there are a lot of advertisements on podcasts, compared to 52% who state there are a lot of on YouTube, and 37% who state there are a lot of on Radio. Offered podcasts have among the most affordable advertisement loads of all mediums, this offers even more chances for marketers to continue to develop their projects around podcasting– and to have a higher share of voice within private programs.

Additional crucial findings expose that listeners take pleasure in different elements of podcasts:

70% of listeners state they delight in listening to visitor interviews

63% of listeners state they take pleasure in listening to panel conversations

56 % of listeners state they take pleasure in listening to host small talk

News, Music and Comedy material are most often taken in, with half of podcast listeners listening to Comedy reveals weekly.

” Podcasts are a progressively vital part of life and culture for listeners all around the world, and more individuals are finding podcasts for the very first time every year,” states Leo Goldingham, Director of Sales, UK at Acast. “We trust our preferred podcasters to amuse and notify us– simply as much as we trust them to suggest brand names and items we’ll delight in.

” Podcasts have actually ended up being an essential part of countless brand names’ marketing techniques however, together with Nielsen, our research study reveals there are still substantial chances for marketers to reach untapped audiences.”

Source: 45% Of Podcast Listeners Started Listening To Podcasts In The Past Year

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