Successful business ventures that are born from humble beginnings have some of the most inspiring stories. Brian Winch shares how he turned his dad’s simple side hustle into a profitable full-time business that he has operated for 40 years.

“My dad was a dedicated, hard-working family man who supplemented his income as a school janitor by taking on various side hustles. My mom raised my two brothers and I and babysat to help make ends meet. I never felt poor growing up, but we most certainly didn’t have a lot of money. Thinking back on those times I can relate with people who need to look at ways to make extra money,” says Winch.

In 1981, Brian was working in a job where he didn’t see a future for himself. Inspired by his dad’s old side gig of cleaning up litter outside a shopping plaza in the neighborhood, he decided to investigate the possibility of turning his dad’s side gig into a hustle of his own.

“I remembered how easy the work was to do when I would tag along a couple of times to help out my dad. We would sweep up litter material into our collection tools from the sidewalks, parking lot, and surrounding landscape in only a matter of minutes. It was almost as easy to do as going for a walk,” says Winch.

“My dad passed away unexpectedly at the age of 61 a couple of months before I started my parking lot litter cleaning business. I didn’t have his experience to call upon but I had his examples of passion, patience, and persistence to draw upon,” says Winch. Brian’s work paid off, and in just several weeks’ time, he was making more money from his hustle than from being a salaried employee. He quit his job and over time grew his side hustle into a $650,000+ per year business.

Brian is now 61 years of age. 40 years have passed since his dad died at the same age. He wants to be an example to people that it’s possible to start and operate a successful business starting out as a side hustle with little money, education, and skills. He believes his dad would be proud.

“I want to share an honest and simple way to make extra money with you. I’ve written an instructional manual that will guide you on how to start a successful business from my own 40 years of experience. I offer free support as my way of giving back thanks to my dad’s simple side hustle that has provided me a great life,” says Winch. To learn more about Cleanlots – America’s Simplest Business, go to

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