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Anita Lucia – Triumphantly Risen

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Like many of today’s inspirational leaders, author and transformational speaker Anita Lucia survived incredible traumatic child abuse, abandonment, and life-altering experiences as a young child. She was placed into the foster system as a young teenager. She survived additional abuse into her adult years as a survivor of domestic violence by the people she trusted to protect her the most.

Anita Lucia La Pierre - Triumphantly Risen

Anita victoriously survived and now refers to her present life as “triumphantly risen.” She is a victor, not a victim. Anita Lucia has conquered her past storms and trials as a warrior woman of God. She is bravely turning her painful past into a powerful message of overcoming adversity and strength that continues to provide inspiration, hope, and faith to many others worldwide.

Her writing in books, magazines, and mighty warrior testimony on stages and podcasts, shares her recovery tips to help others heal from their own traumatic past.

Anita Lucia La Pierre is a merciful, compassionate, faithful woman of God. She’s an ordained minister, an International best-selling author, and a motivational speaker. Anita is also an advocate for the homeless, foster children, and runaways in her hometown of Albuquerque, New Mexico. All of whom she has represented and supported.

Giving Back

Anita provides a compassionate outreach in her city, providing many with heartfelt prayer while sharing the goodness of God, hygiene bags, clothes, shoes, and toys, through donations. This outreach is Anita’s way of showing care and love to others in need as she was.

Anita Lucia - Giving Back

Anita Lucia La Pierre also gladly shares daily positive affirmations, prayer requests, and praises on her Facebook group titled Kindred Spirits, Warrior Women.

She is actively and bravely educating her stage audiences on her “Three R’s of Survival,” which are recovery, resilience, and redemption. The Three R’s of Survival were essential tools Anita still uses daily to help her overcome and heal from her traumatic childhood.

Get to know Anita Lucia

Anita is a proud mother of three exceptional children and seven beautiful grandchildren. Anita enjoys time with her Lord Jesus Christ, going out to dinner and movies, traveling, and enjoying fellowship with positive, goal-driven, like-minded people. She also enjoys spending precious time with the love of her life, Kev, and her two sweet fur baby pups, Bentley and Riley.

Anita Lucia La Pierre Books

Anita Lucia has published 5 Amazon best-selling books and was featured in December 2021 as the cover story of an Atlanta-based magazine. Her article was titled “Slaying My Monsters.”

Women Who Shine with Anita Lucia La Pierre

Anita Lucia La Pierre tells her story of being born to a mother who was raped. Anita’s birth mother kept her until she was put into an abusive home, where she was later removed and put into the foster system when she was a preteen. When Anita was 17, she married and became a young mother.

Feeling unworthy of love and acceptance from others, she continued to seek out abusive and toxic partners for years to come.

Anita’s encouraging and inspirational International best-selling co-authored books available on Amazon include:

  • Women Who Shine
  • Words of Wisdom for the Heart and Soul
  • Surviving Her, The Art of Forgiveness
  • Survivors Stories of Covid Lockdown

Anita’s soon to be released

  • I Love You Because I Love Me Because

Motivational Speaker – Anita Lucia

Anita Lucia La Pierre is a passionate and dynamic motivational speaker. She guides individuals to recognize their inner strength, build emotional resilience, and ultimately become the best version of themselves!

Motivational Speaker - Anita Lucia

Through her speeches at events focusing on recovery from adversity, self-love, and overcoming obstacles, she helps people feel empowered to live life with purpose.

Anita Lucia recently spoke at The Healing Conference by Tonni Lea in Colorado Springs. The audience was blown away by her powerful message of overcoming adversity. Anita was a crowd favorite at this incredible event!

If you’re hosting an event focusing on overcoming adversity, personal development, or developing character, think about hiring Anita Lucia to speak at your event! Whether you’re looking for an inspirational keynote, a dynamic chapel speaker, or a breakout session leader, Anita Lucia La Pierre is a perfect choice.

Looking to connect with Anita? You can find her on Facebook and Instagram at Anita Lucia. You can also visit her website to learn more about her work and book her for your next event!​

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Anita Lucia – Triumphantly Risen

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