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Rhonda Swan, “Women Gone Wild: The Wealth Edition” book launch!

Women Gone Wild Has Done It Again

05/26/2022 – Here are all our Press Release Details:

The highly anticipated next installment of the Amazon bestseller Women Gone Wild  (WGW) series by Rhonda Swan is set to launch on June 8th, 2022. The series, created by Rhona Swan, the CEO of the Unstoppable Branding Agency ( named Top 7 PR agencies by Forbes 2021), is focused on redefining wealth in every area of our lives and showing women the power of collaboration through sharing their wild stories. The Wealth Edition will cover the manifestation of wealth through attraction, relationships, investing, and our network.

Celebrity authors and endorsements for the book include Diana Wentworth, the New York Times Best Seller co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul, Jaime Anderson 2x Olympic gold medalist, Danelle Delgato, the millionaire maker, wellness entrepreneur Danette May, Kevin Harrington, from Shark Tank, Santia Deck, Founder of Cronus Footwear. 

Featured authors include:

Hanalei Swan, Shar Moore, Stefanie Bruns, Tarryn Reeves, Camberly Gilmartin, April Ryan, Michelle Beltran, Kortney Murray, Robin Mullin, Adriana Monique Alvarez, Ania Halama, Barbie Layton, Dana Kay, Karen Whelan, Blair Kaplan Venables, Michale Gabriel, Genevieve Seattle, Ebony Swank, Isabel Donadio-Fagan

Rhonda’s mission is to catapult this book franchise into the most sold books category under women empowerment. Her vision is to sell over 500 million + books in this WILD series and have over 80,000 women in one place sharing their WILD stories.

The WEALTH Edition is about redefining wealth in every area of our lives and showing women the power of connection & collaboration by sharing our wild stories and supporting each other. WGW is a safe space for women to share their WILD stories and what they went through to get to where they are today, Stories of triumph, failure, and inspiration. You’ll be moved by the transparency and inspired by their vulnerability.  

RHONDA SWAN FOUNDER of Unstoppable Branding Agency & women gone wild is on a mission to make this book franchise the most sold books for women empowerment, and her goal is to have 80,000 women one day in a colosseum sharing their WILD STORIES!

The book tour is set to kick off in Las Vegas,  travel to Los Angeles, and end in New York City. Both books and the authors will be showcased on a New York Time Square billboard from June 20 to July 17th, 2022, and be displayed on a Las Vegas Billboard from June 5 to June 19th.

The live Women Gone Wild event will be held at the Green Valley Ranch Hotel on June 8th from 3 pm to 6 pm (UTC). The event is entirely free to attend and open to all women that want to meet the authors, get their first exclusive print copy of the book signed, and have opportunities to network with other WILD women. wgwevent.com

Sponsors and partners for this launch are ICE SHAKER, Top Talent Publishing,  LA Tribune, Beauty Kitchen, Revenge MD, Tronus Footwear, Unstoppable Branding Agency, Clark Agency, Rhonda Swan Show, USA TODAY, and Forbes Monaco.

The location of the WGW Launch is held at 

Green Valley Ranch Hotel
2300 Paseo Verde Parkway
Henderson, Nevada 89052

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Unstoppable Branding Agency is a PR and media company that utilizes SEO, storytelling, and brand messaging to grow their client’s personal branding. It was named ‘Top 7 PR Agencies 2021’ by Forbes. Rhonda Swan, the CEO of UBA was named “Top 12 Entrepreneurs to Watch 2021” in the New York Times.


For those that wish to get a copy of the first version of the book for free, place your email on the LAUNCH LIST at www.WGWBOOK.com

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