VeeFriends are bringing enormous access with smart contract capabilities

VeeFriends is an Non-Fungible Tokens collection hand-drawn by Gary Vaynerchuk on the Ethereum blockchain. The crypto collectibles project enables hodlers to immediately access the VeeFriend’s community and a three-years access to VeeCon. Indeed, VeeCon is a conference centered around business, marketing, entrepreneurship, and overall innovation. Notably, the visuals of the collectible NFTs apparently represent human traits that Gary Vaynerchuk admired the most. VeeFriends Gary believes that doing so leads to both happiness and success. The NFTs project is basically centered on popular cultural references, and presents  the positive notion of what it’s creator believes “Business with Friends”. 

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Why did Gary introduce its own NFT collection?

It is worth noting that Non-Fungible Tokens transfer value. Such tokens are digital verifiable, tradeable, and an immutable timestamp on the blockchain that confirms the authenticity of the ownership. When the business mentor and social media mogul Gary Vee speaks, millions listen. Following the incredible craze for NFTs, content creators are creating NFTs to interact and engage directly with their fan base, Gary Vee took it upon himself to introduce its own crypto collectibles collection, which is now soaring in terms of price.

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Source: OpenSea

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Started on a website, VeeFriends token is introduced to bring Gary’s ambition to life. The ambition to build a community around his creative and business passions using the incredible NFT tokens and their smart contracts capability.

VeeFriends is composed of three tiers

The tremendous concept behind Gary Vee’s NFT collection is that holders are enabled to transfer the value of their token on the particular tier class. And the NFTs are composed of three Tiers. Such tiers include Admission, Gift, and Access tokens that are coded with varying degrees of digital rarity regarding access to its creator itself.

How can someone acquire a VeeFriends’ NTF?

To purchase one of the most popular VeeFriends NFT, first a user needs an Ethereum Metamask wallet with some ETH coins. In the first step, we will have to connect our Metamask wallet with the VeeFriends website and click the large “Connect Wallet” button in the top right hand corner. 

After the connection is established, interested buyers can choose their desired tokens under the top of the screen. Later there is an auctions tab at the top of the screen, scroll through to browse the VeeFriends collection. There all the tokens can be found or the users can also search tokens by the Admission, Access and Gift categories. Moreover, the section also has a crash course below that explains how each of the NFTs category works.

After all, once the buyer selects an NFT that could be in their budget, they can click on Buy Now, and a check out page will appear. Notably, the checkout page will contain a Token ID and the auction price as well as the users balance in Metamask wallet. From, their clicking on “Proceed to Payments” can move further. After clicking on the button a page will pop-up and show that the purchase is “In progress”.

At the same time, the Metamask Chrome extension will also pop-up a notification. Now in Metamask wallet, users will find gas fee with an option to “Edit”. And if the listed fee seems good and we have a sufficient amount in our wallet we can click on “Confirm” and proceed. Here the gas prices vary on the basis of network usage at the time of order.

However, in the process if the transaction gets rejected or failed, then do wait until the page reloads. And ignore doing several retries, as it can result in multiple gas fee transactions.

Where can I buy a VeeFriends NFT?

After establishment of the digital collectibles project, users were allowed to purchase VeeFriends NFT on its official website. However, the crypto collectibles are no longer available on the platform of Still several interested buyers have an option to buy such token’s steal form platforms like OpenSea. But, it is essential to exercise caution while navigating on such a platform and should always triple-check listings before purchasing the art piece.

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Is VeeFriends safe?

Vee Friends NFT are backed by the popular Gary Vaynerchuk. After being introduced, the NFTs have seen tremendous adoption. In the current scenario these tokens are the 13th best crypto collectibles that are being sold in the cryptosphere. Besides valuation, the number of users and transactions for VeeFriends NFTs set are much lower if we compare the project with other crypto collectibles projects with similar sales volume.

Are all the tokens the same

In the VeeFriends collection there are more than 10,255 NFTs available that are organized in three categories. Such categories include, Access,  Gift, and Admission. However, among the collection, it is significant to note that Gary Vee has drawn and created only 268 unique characters.

Source: VeeFriends are bringing enormous access with smart contract capabilities

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