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Unlock unparalleled visibility and influence with our 2 most comprehensive marketing packages to build your business and personal brand synergistically!

What's Included:

The Ultimate Branding Package is a masterful combination of our Spotlight Branding Package and VIP Branding Package, designed to synergistically elevate both your business and personal brands.

The Ultimate Branding Package is a strategic approach to creating a lasting legacy in your industry, blending business acumen with personal excellence.

The Spotlight Branding Package

Spotlight Review in News Wire Magazine

Spotlight Review in News Wire Magazine

Gain exceptional exposure with a Spotlight Review in News Wire Magazine, a prime platform for brands aiming to shine. This opportunity showcases your products, services, podcasts, books, or business to a global audience, significantly elevating your brand’s industry prominence. More than just exposure, the Spotlight Review is a powerful storytelling tool, allowing you to articulate your brand’s narrative, values, and vision, captivating and influencing a diverse professional audience. This is not just advertising; it’s a transformative step for your brand to make a substantial impact in the market.

$1,995 (Included)

(Business) Interview on Amazon Fire TV

Elevate your brand’s impact with an Amazon Fire TV Interview, reaching over 50 million viewers worldwide. Featured on the “Success, Motivation & Inspiration” show, this platform offers unparalleled exposure, solidifying your brand’s presence and authority in your industry.

$2,000 (Included)
Interview on Amazon Fire TV
Ongoing Rotation in News Wire Magazine

Ongoing Distribution in News Wire Magazine

Maintain a commanding brand presence with your Spotlight Review in continuous rotation in News Wire Magazine. This strategic exposure keeps your brand consistently in the spotlight, bolstering recognition and credibility. Stay top of mind in a prestigious publication, enhancing sustained market impact and ongoing consumer engagement.

$1,995/ mo. (Included)

(Business) Wiki Page Creation

Solidify your online authority with our Wiki Page Creation Service, crafted from your Spotlight Review in News Wire Magazine. This professional Wiki page showcases your business, product, service, podcast, or book and cements your digital presence, highlighting your brand’s achievements and recognition. Stand out in a digital realm populated by industry leaders and potential customers.

$500 (Included)

Wiki Page Creation Service
Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Maximize your brand’s reach with ongoing syndication of your Spotlight Review in News Wire Magazine across multiple social media platforms. This strategy ensures persistent engagement, driving a daily audience to your content and keeping your brand in the spotlight for years ahead.

$8,450.44 (Included)

The VIP Branding Package

(Personal) Interview on Amazon Fire TV

Boost your personal brand with a high-impact Amazon Fire TV Interview on the ‘Success, Motivation & Inspiration’ show. Reach over 50 million viewers globally, showcasing your insights and achievements. This platform not only amplifies your reach but also cements your status as an industry thought leader, paving the way for unmatched professional growth.

$2,000 (Included)

Interview on Amazon Fire TV
News Wire Magazine Cover

Front Cover of News Wire Magazine

Seize the spotlight with a Front Cover feature in News Wire Magazine, a mark of prestige and influence. This prime placement ensures maximum visibility to a global audience and solidifies your stature as an industry leader. More than a cover story, it’s a powerful showcase of your unique journey, inspiring millions and redefining personal branding excellence.

$1,545 (Included)

Featured Article

Highlight your personal journey with a Featured Article in News Wire Magazine, reaching an international audience. This platform delves deep into your insights and accomplishments, showcasing your expertise and unique path and distinguishing you as an influential figure in your field.

$450 (Included)

News Wire Magazine Featured Article
Wiki Page Creation Service

(Personal) Wiki Page Creation

Elevate your personal brand with a professionally designed Wiki page, tailored from your News Wire Magazine article. This service not only enhances your digital presence but also immortalizes your achievements in a personal online showcase, distinguishing you alongside industry leaders and experts.

$500 (Included)

Magazine Cover - Metal Print

Immortalize your success with a high-definition Metal Print of your News Wire Magazine cover. This striking artwork, vibrant in clarity and color, embodies your journey and achievements. More than just a print, it’s a testament to your hard-earned triumphs, perfect for displaying in your office or studio, transforming your story into a lasting visual legacy.

$69 (Included)

News Wire Magazine Cover - Metal Print

Benefits of The Ultimate Branding Package

  • Enhanced Visibility and Recognition: Both packages ensure your brand and personal story reach a global audience, significantly increasing visibility and recognition.
  • Consistent Brand Presence: Regular features in News Wire Magazine and ongoing social media marketing keep your brand in the spotlight, building a lasting impression.
  • Professional Online Image: Professionally crafted Wiki pages enhance your digital presence, establishing you and your brand as authoritative figures in your respective fields.
  • Long-term Engagement and Influence: The combination of media exposure and digital presence fosters long-term engagement, turning viewers into loyal followers and customers.


The Ultimate Branding Package is your key to unlocking a world of opportunities. Whether you’re looking to skyrocket your business or build a personal brand that resonates with millions, this package is the ultimate solution. Embrace the power of effective branding and become a beacon in your industry. Act now and transform your brand’s destiny!

Enhance Your Business + Personal Brand's Reach

Unleash the full potential of your personal and business brands with our synergistic combination: the VIP Branding Package for individuals and the Spotlight Branding Package for businesses.

This powerful duo works in tandem to elevate your personal presence while catapulting your business into the market spotlight. Harness the unique strengths of both packages to create a cohesive, impactful brand that resonates across all platforms, setting you and your business apart in a crowded marketplace.

The Support You Deserve

Our commitment to your branding success is fueled by passion. We provide dedicated guidance and support at every step, ensuring a smooth and effective branding journey that leaves a lasting impact.

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Ultimate Branding Package

The Ultimate Branding Package

Includes the Spotlight Branding Package + the VIP Branding Package

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