Republican representatives on the House Judiciary Committee penned letters to the 93 U.S. attorneys demanding they explain what actions they’ve taken against parents frustrated with school boards following a memo from Attorney General Merrick Garland which authorized federal law enforcement to step in on the request of the National School Boards Association.

“Concerned parents voicing their strong opposition to controversial curricula at local schools are not domestic terrorists. Parents have an undisputed right to direct the upbringing and education of their children,” the letter states. “When parents, however, cross the line to commit a violent act or issue a criminal threat, state and local authorities are best-equipped to handle these violations of state law. But we must not tolerate the use of the federal law enforcement apparatus to intimidate and silence parents using their Constitutional rights to advocate for their child’s future.”

Garland previously testified during a House Judiciary Committee hearing that he didn’t “know whether [meetings between the FBI, U.S. attorneys, and local officials] are ongoing, but I expect and hope that they are going . . . because I did ask that they take place.”

“Attorney General Garland testified that he doubted ‘there have been meetings in every jurisdiction,’ but reiterated his belief that it is important for federal law enforcement authorities to conduct these meetings in every judicial district. According to the Attorney General’s directives, meetings are to be convened in all 94 judicial districts by November 3, 2021, at the latest,” the letter stated.

In addition to condemning attempts by the U.S. Department of Justice and the White House to dissuade parents from holding their local education systems accountable, the GOP representatives, led by ranking member Rep. Jim Jordan, called on the attorneys to turn over any documents, communications, and minutes related to meetings called based on Garland’s memo. The congressmen also asked the attorneys to “please explain when meeting(s) in your judicial district in accordance with the Attorney General’s October 4, 2021 memorandum have occurred or will occur.”

The Biden Administration:

-Spy on parents at school board meetings.

-Pay illegal immigrants $450,000.

Such a deal for American citizens.

— Rep. Jim Jordan (@Jim_Jordan) November 2, 2021

Jordan Davidson is a staff writer at The Federalist. She graduated from Baylor University where she majored in political science and minored in journalism.

Source: House Judiciary Investigating How US Attorneys Acted On Garland’s Memo Targeting Parents

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