Altcoins have seen more gains than the leading cryptocurrency since the beginning of this year. Prices of assets like Ethereum and other meme-coins have given more gains to investors in comparison to Bitcoin. However, following the scenario, we have noted the top five performers of last week. Indeed, last week, several DeFi coins were observed curving upwards together, and some of the metaverse tokens also rallied amid Facebook’s Meta project announcement. However, the top five performers of this week have some notable common things among them.

Altcoins that outperformed last week

Observing the cryptocurrency market closely, we have found that Polygon, Aave, Voyager, Koinos, and Linear were the five cryptocurrencies that performed tremendous last week. All of these digital assets have witnessed major gains over the past month as well, despite having differences in common. Notably, each of the assets achieved a VORTECS Score in excess of 90 before acquiring their peak levels. 

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On the other hand, each of the digital currencies exhibited patterns of trading and social behaviour that were strikingly similar to conditions in the past. However, once these incredibly strong conditions were detected, most of the virtual assets entered virtuous cycles wherein their price dynamics generated increased trading and tweet volumes. Ultimately, the measures and factors powered the next phase of the rally.

Top gainers crypto shows extreme confidence

Following the gains, investors in the crypto market showed concerns whether there will be a chance for traders to hop on these moon-bound shuttles. According to the indicators known as VORTECS Score, it is considered an extremely bullish scenario. The tool basically shows current trading and sentiment conditions to historically-similar situations, and alerts traders when bullish patterns are detected.

KOIN’s VORTECS Score was confident

Koinos is one of the crypto assets whose VORTECS Score has been calculated recently. Indeed, the score was off to a formidable start right out of the gate. Notably, KOIN token’s score touched the 90 mark several hours after the trading price of the asset was noted at the price level of 22 cents. 

Furthermore, within just a period of 24-hours the price reached a high surpassing the level of $0.44 with an 100% increment. According to the report, the pump was accomplished by an additional 432% of the trading volume. Hence, the ultra high VORTECS Score signifies the algorithm’s robust confidence that notes conditions are similar to those that precedes an asset’s stellar price performance.

Source: Five spectacular altcoins rallies with one common thing

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