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Mallisa Jackson – You Have No Excuse!

Mallisa Jackson is an inspiring entrepreneur, success coach, and mental toughness guru who has risen from poverty and designed a powerful success blueprint for others

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World’s first Irish Pub in the metaverse launches in The Sandbox

NFT Marketplace: world’s first Web3 metaverse Irish pub, the Irish Shebeen, is launching in The Sandbox, a decentralized gaming virtual world, on March 17, St Patrick’s Day. It will be live for 12 days. People will be able to visit, undertake quests, mint NFTs, see local artists and find a treasure trove of Irish

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GameFi Company Digital Entertainment Asset Announces Buyback Program for its DEAPCoin Token $DEP

The buyback program starts January 2023 and DEA will continuously buy back DEAPcoin tokens ($DEP) worth up to 40% of their sales, excluding those on their Playmining platform.SINGAPORE, January 5, 2023 — Singapore-based global Web3 entertainment company and operator of the PlayMining GameFi platform, Digital Entertainment Asset (DEA) launches their $DEP Buyback Program.In a bid

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DEA raises US$10M from LDA Capital to accelerate NFT gaming platform PlayMining

DEA is a global Web3 entertainment company launched in 2018. It manages IP monetisation for creators and operates the PlayMining platformDigital Entertainment Asset (DEA), operator of the PlayMining NFT gaming platform, announced that it had raised a US$10 million investment from Los Angeles-based LDA Capital, a global alternative investment group.The funding was meant to further

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Blockchain Life 2023 goes to Dubai this February 27–28

Our PR partner yourPRstrategist is a proud media partner of Blockchain Life 2023 and we are happy to extend their 10% discount to our community. Discount code: yourPRstrategistBlockchain Life 2023 taking place on February 27–28 in Dubai is the 10th edition of the global forum on blockchain, digital assets and mining. Having started in 2017

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OverviewA big part of the process of bringing these reviews to you is the research done to understand the background of the company. This often begins at Crunchbase, where we find out the basics of the company and its founders, launching points for further research. Crunchbase always contains a descriptive blurb about each company, and

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Audicia Audio Marketplace Launches In Australia

Singapore-based Audacia makes a move into the Australian market with a presence in Sydney. Audacia is riding the wave of the booming audio advertising market with its latest launch in Sydney. Following its inaugural Singapore launch in 2022, the immediate interest in the Australian market from advertisers and publishers has prompted the opening. Audio is

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The Best Excel AI Tools To Become An Excel Power User

Excel is a powerful tool that helps you make quick calculations and derive insights from data gathered from various sources such as marketing data platforms. Most people see it as a spreadsheet application that stores data in tabular form, but in reality, it’s a robust computational tool that can solve complex problems.However, to be able

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Anita Lucia – Triumphantly Risen

Like many of today’s inspirational leaders, author and transformational speaker Anita Lucia survived incredible traumatic child abuse, abandonment, and life-altering experiences as a young child. She was placed into the foster system

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15 Tips for Personal Branding

You are your own personal brand. What you do, how you dress, how you speak, and what you write – all contribute to how people see and perceive you. Your personal brand

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Erik Allen – Your Past Doesn’t Define You!

Erik Allen is a podcast host, John Maxwell Certified coach, content creator, and Winner of Ed Mylett’s #MaxoutCommunityChallenge. After discovering Ed Mylett online in 2018 and aligning with Ed’s values and beliefs,

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Brad Blazar – The Global Expert on Raising Capital

Brad Blazar, the founder of Capital School, is a highly successful entrepreneur, real estate investor, former CEO of an oil company, and one of the world’s foremost experts on raising capital. When

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Podcasts, Speakers & Influencers Who Are Changing The World

Stop Wasting Your Life

Many of you know I was given only months to live after being diagnosed with a malignant glioblastoma (brain tumor) 8 years ago. Doctors at

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Gumball Raises $10 Million to Expand its Podcasting Host-Read Advertiser Platform

Gumball, an advanced advertising technology solution from the team behind claimed podcast network Headgum, has announced it has closed a $10 million Series A funding round led by Union Square Ventures and Good Friends. Bringing total fundraising to $12 million, the round also includes investment from Craft Ventures, Vertical Venture Partners, Animal Capital, Calm Ventures,…

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Blubrry Added Podcast Hosting Plans

Blubrry announced that they are once again bringing value to podcast hosting customers with their Advanced Plan. Advanced Statistics and Domain Mapping (for those using our free WordPress websites) are now included in Blubrry’s $20+ hosting plans. Growing a podcast audience is exciting, and Blubrry is offering one of the best ways to keep track…

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Anita Lucia on the cover of News Wire Magazine

Anita Lucia – Triumphantly Risen

Like many of today’s inspirational leaders, author and transformational speaker Anita Lucia survived incredible traumatic child abuse, abandonment, and life-altering experiences as a young child.

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