On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, Senior Editor Christopher Bedford joins Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky to discuss whether the post-Trump GOP will have the stamina to survive another leftist push to turn once-Republican strongholds blue.

“They’ll tell you that there’s no such a thing as social conservative issues. That’s a thing of the past. It’s a fight they don’t want to have. It’s the law of the land. The court has decided to seize marriage and finish it and basically declare its death certificate. Our own culture destroyed marriage before that. Republicans want to say it’s the law of the land on abortion,” Bedford said.

“That’s not all of them but it’s definitely leadership. They don’t want to talk about walls, they don’t want to talk about abortion, they don’t want to talk about immigration, they don’t want to talk about marriage, they don’t want to talk about all of that,” he added. “Trump broke all of that and changed everything and he started to speak loudly for the voters and what we saw is different. There’s tremors in Pennsylvania and Michigan and Wisconsin and places like Iowa and Ohio that had been kind of permanently going redder and redder and redder — we started to see these actual states changing.”

The culture war, Bedford said, is one area Republicans could continue to gain ground.

“I wonder what’s coming next for the GOP and what the future is and either way … these are the ideas that are going to be the future of the Republican Party, if the Republican Party is going to have a future,” Bedford said. “The GOP right now is in a weird place.”

Source: Will The Trump-Invigorated GOP Have The Stamina To Survive?

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