Why does FTX CEO Sam Bankman Fried believe Bitcoin is not a payment network?

Sam Bankman

Since it’s rather apparent that the bitcoin network, in contrast with other networks, is sluggish, less scalable, and rather pricey

CEO Sam Bankman-Fried of the busy, growing crypto exchange FTX just recently stated that the bitcoin network is not appropriate for payments. He stated on 16 th May to Financial Times that the bitcoin network is not particularly a payments network as it is not a scaling network. The credentials of FTX CEO behind his declarations of Bankman Fried by indicating the network’s evidence of work agreement system that verifies the deal of bitcoins.

In a network based upon Proof of Work, computer systems run constantly without disruptions to confirm the deals and produce brand-new network blocks, called mining. And as bitcoin mining has actually industrialized throughout the years, the variety of computer systems doing this work has actually progressively increased.

The increase in the variety of nodes has actually resulted in issues around the substantial quantity of energy that bitcoin requires to keep itself, bring in criticism from ecologists and legislators that try to attain their objectives relating to the environment. This big energy-consuming cryptocurrency, the leading cryptocurrency is not rapid, especially either.

As per the information from Blockchain.com, the typical quantity of deals per 2nd (TPS) on the bitcoin network for the last 30 days is approximately about 2.58 At the exact same time, compared to conventional payments networks, for example, Visa or Mastercard, where the efficiency of bitcoin is of slower orders of magnitude.

Still, Bankman-Fried thinks that the bitcoin network can likewise serve another essential function. To be clear, he stated that the network does not have prospective as a specific shop of worth, while he tweeted in recommendation to the report in Financial Times. The bitcoin network can not sustain deals per 2nd upto thousands or millions, although bitcoin can be moved into Lighting or L2S, and so on. The Lighting network is likewise a scaling option that would enable the variety of micropayments on the top of the bitcoin network.

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Source: Why does FTX CEO Sam Bankman Fried believe Bitcoin is not a payment network?.

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