• NFT CyberKongz appears as a collection of 1k unique and randomly generated Non-Fungible Tokens
  • The 34×34 pixel images achieved tremendous popularity due to sustainability
  • CyberKongz VX is seen as the next logical evolution of the project

NFT CyberKongz is one of the most popular NFTs projects. These NFTs are unique and randomly generated 2D/3D NFT Social Avatars for the users’ online experiences. Notably, some of these NFTs appear normal, whereas some of them look too weird. The project began as a collection of 1k unique and randomly generated Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Indeed, the project was created back in March 2021 by the artist myoo. It is significant to note that although there was no pre-release or any advertising campaign, the NFTs gained a lot of attention among NFTs enthusiasts. As the enthusiasts began to share the minting process on social media platforms, the 34×34 pixel images achieved tremendous popularity due to sustainability.

Idea of CyberKongz furthered

As the popularity of NFT CyberKongz began to soar, the shared idea furthered the development of the community-based project. The community introduced some of the finest developers and experts in the industry and the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector. These devs offered their skills and time to develop the community’s ideas. Notably, within just a short period of time the BANANA tokens were introduced providing genesis projects the ability to yield 10 tokens for the next decade.

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Moreover, by burning a certain amount of the yielded tokens the holders can provide their NFTs characteristics. Such characteristics include unique name and biography. Notably, the holders can then breed the tokens and incubate one of the 4k randomly generated Baby CyberKongz with different traits and uniqueness.

What is DeFi CyberKongz VX?

From the addition of the aforementioned feature, CyberKongz VX began to be witnessed as the next logical evolution. Following the scenario, the project noted that it had to bring the jungle to life and swing into action. Hence, the CyberKongz VX was launched as a 3D Voxel collection of 15k models. Indeed, the collection could be used and will be payable in the upcoming metaverses.

CyberKongz NFT OpenSea

The evolution of CyberKongz took another route as weird apes roamed the earth. It is worth noting that few of the CyberKongz are super rare and even animated. At press time there are 4100 total NFTs on the platform of OpenSea, with 1800 owners. It is incredible that the trading volume of these CyberKongz are exceeding 30.6k, when the floor price nears 7.77.

Meanwhile, currently, on OpenSea there are 62 unique Baby Traits, 62 Genesis different Traits, and 10 Legendary Traits that the enthusiasts can choose while acquiring an NFT. Indeed, these tokens are available on three chains including Ethereum, Polygon, and Klaytn.

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