Watch This Insane Footage Of Two Su-25 s Maneuvering At Ultra-Low Altitude To Evade MANPADS in Ukraine

Su-25 low level
A screenshot of the video revealing 2 Su-25 flying ultra-low level to avert MANPADS risk in Ukraine.

Ultra-low level maneuvering is among the methods required to evade IR-guided MANPADS (Man Portable Air Defense Systems).

The video that you can discover in this post has actually begun doing the rounds in the last number of days. According to some sources, it was shot in the Severodonetsk area, in the eastern side of Ukraine, and reveals 2 Ukrainian Air Force Su-25 s [the guy who filmed it is allegedly Ukrainian and says “it’s ours”], whereas other sources on social networks determined the attack airplane as Russian Aerospace Forces Frogfoot airplane.

Since both the Ukrainians and the Russians fly the key in the objected to airspace over Ukraine, is truly hard to ID the operator [someone even suggested the camouflage scheme does not appear to be dark as the one of the Russian Aerospace Forces’ Su-25, meaning the Frogfoot jets in the clip *mightsport a digitized light gray paint scheme but, again, this appears impossible to verify with the low quality of the clip].

Whatever, the video, that seems real (although we can’t state when and where it was shot), is actually remarkable: even if it was tape-recorded with a smart device thus unstable and partially out of focus, it shows how low tactical airplane requirement to run in Ukraine to avert the hazard of MANPADS and their deadly IR-guided rockets. You can construct out 2 Sukhois turning at low level while launching flares to evade possible rockets fired at them. The cameraman discovers it tough to follow one or the other however the scene is quite clear: you can construct out both airplane attempting to stay low and quick while flying an unforeseeable course. And dropping a lot of flares.

There are 2 various variation of the very same video really. The very first one is unstable, as the outcome of the cameraman zooming to get a better view of the Su-25 s.

The 2nd one provides a broader angle and enables the audience to see the entire scene from range.

We have actually currently described how the war in Ukraine will most likely alter the techniques of numerous flying force, a minimum of for those which had (nearly) deserted the ultra-low level flying as a repercussion of the experience gotten in those air projects (like Desert Storm in Iraq, Allied Force in the Balkans and Unified Protector in Libya) where the air supremacy permitted the attack airplane to run at medium or top-level, rather of flying at treetop elevation (as provided for circumstances like the Falklands War). As the majority of the videos originating from Ukraine plainly highlighted, objected to airspace and MANPADS risk have actually made low level flying abilities appropriate once again.

Russian Su-25 in the Donbas. https://t.co/N71 m2GTvhi pic.twitter.com/QbPXiXKTEg

— Rob Lee (@RALee85) May 16, 2022

H/T to our pal @bjoernen_hj for the heads-up!


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Source: Watch This Insane Footage Of Two Su-25 s Maneuvering At Ultra-Low Altitude To Evade MANPADS in Ukraine

Watch This Insane Footage Of Two Su-25s Maneuvering At Ultra-Low Altitude To Evade MANPADS in Ukraine - Click To Share

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