UCH tokens have witnessed a sudden spike in their price

  • Universidad de Chile fan token has attracted investors attention with its recent performance
  • On Friday, the price of UCH surged to achieve a new high near the price level of $154
  • Observing the Universidad de Chile fan token, investors are looking closely to purchase the dip
  • Crypto.com has listed the UCH tokens that have helped boost its price
  • It is expected soon more exchanges like Coinbase will list UCH on their platform

Universidad de Chile fan token or UCH is the official fan token of the professional soccer club. The professional club was established in 1920. Since then, it has become one of the most popular and successful Chilean professional soccer clubs. Recently, it was observed that the price of the tokens skyrocketed to achieve a new all-time high at the price level of $154 on Friday. With such incredible performance UCH also attracted the eyes of investors in the cryptosphere. We have observed that the coin has been listed on crypto.com, which is one of the major reasons that pushed the prices.

Universidad de Chile fan token is used to influence the club

Universidad de Chile fan tokens are much similar to other soccer clubs’ tokens like Barcelona, Manchester City, and Inter Milan. Universidad de Chile soccer club has 18 times won Chile’s top-flight soccer league title. Over the past decade, the club has witnessed six wins. The UCH fan tokens can be used to influence club decisions. Moreover, the club’s fans can use the tokens to purchase merchandise. 

Why are investors watching UCH closely?

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Universidad de Chile fan tokens have achieved a new high on Friday. The surge of the tokens has attracted more eyes than just of fans. Catching the attention in the crypto market seems to be the next token that will explode.

However, after soaring another $150, the token pulled back to under $5. Following such fluctuations, investors began to give a close look. Everyone is concerned whether the coin’s price will rebound or is an excellent long-term investment option. Many are also concerned whether UCH is a scam, as several such projects have disappointed investors.

Why is UCH soaring?

Crypto.com, a digital assets exchange that is on a mission to accelerate the transition to cryptocurrency, has listed Universidad de Chile fan token. Notably, following the listing on one of the top cryptocurrency platforms for trading, the price of the asset spiked. The listing of the tokens was revealed via a tweet published by Crypto.com. The tweet also underscored that with UCH, the platform also listed Argentina Football Association (ARG) and S.C. Corinthians (SCCP) tokens.

Is it worth investing in UCH tokens?

According to the data from CoinMarketCap, the total supply of UCH is capped at 5 million, and about 375k tokens are in circulation. It is noteworthy that crypto assets with fixed supply can eliminate inflation for investors. 

On the other hand, it is also noteworthy that the supply of PSG tokens is capped at 20 million, and the Universidad de Chile fan token is capped at only 5 million.

Moreover, it is known that the token is yet to be listed in Coinbase. As the competition among exchanges soar, Coinbase adds support for new digital assets. Indeed, UCH is poised to appreciate as it becomes available on more crypto exchanges.

Analyst believe UCH can bounce to $154 by December

Analysts and experts in the cryptosphere are observed being bullish over UCH. It is deemed that the fan token has more room to keep sailing. Notably, as the exchange support for the tokens grows, an uptrend wouldn’t be surprising. Simultaneously, following the current scenario, it seems that a pullback could attract more investors keen to acquire the swoop.

Source: UCH tokens have witnessed a sudden spike in their price

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