Leading Youtube Spenders Report [2022]

Research study Methodology

The information provided in this report was gathered utilizing our weekly collections of sponsored YouTube videos. The developer information showcased in this report was recorded utilizing the NeoReach Social Intelligence API. In order to certify, and be consisted of in our dataset, each video needed to adhere to FTC disclosure policies. Our dataset included sponsored YouTube videos published from January to December 2022, from developers based in the United States and Canada.

We examined the over 29,000 videos in our dataset to discover the highest-spending brand names for 2022, taking a look at data to discover more insight. This consisted of taking a look at what markets were investing the most on YouTube sponsorships and what kinds of advertisements they were utilizing. Utilizing all of this information, we can see patterns that started to take kind in 2022 and will continue into the future.


2022 Top Spenders Report:

Secret Insights

The objective of this report is to offer insight into the existing state of Influencer Marketing.

Here are 5 essential report insights:

Total Stats

In 2022, the 4,018 certifying brand names invested an integrated over $514.9 million on sponsored YouTube videos. The 29,222 videos examined collected over 3.7 million views and 196.5 million likes.


Market Frequency

Each of the 4,018 brand names sponsoring videos in 2022 falls under among 23 markets. This chart demonstrates how numerous sponsored videos were published in each market. Tech brand names sponsored the most at 4,045 videos.

Leading 5 Industries

The leading 5 markets– Tech, Gaming, Entertainment, Food & Drinks, and Health/Wellness– comprise 56% of the overall videos published this year, 57% of the overall invest, and amassed over 2 billion views.

Project Details

Project Types

To help with the analysis of YouTube influencer marketing, we have actually arranged sponsored videos into among 4 project types: Promo Code, Branding and Awareness Only, Download or Install, or Contest/Giveaway. Most of videos were Promo Codes, while just 0.29% were promoting a contest or free gift.

Project Types: Industries

Here we can see how the leading 5 markets used each project type. Download and Install projects were substantially more popular with Gaming brand names.

Promotion Code projects were regularly popular with practically all markets. Branding and Awareness projects were most popular in the Gaming and Tech markets.

Calls to Action

Together with project types, we likewise evaluated the calls to action of the sponsored videos. We can see that most of videos utilized a Direct Purchase Page and Click Link in Bio contacts us to action. Just 3% of videos had no call to action, indicating there was no link or code in the description.

Calls to Action: Industries

Material Types

Together with project information, we likewise evaluate the content types and how the video operates in sponsored material The most popular material type is Integrated, in which the advertisement is put someplace in the middle of the video. The 2nd most popular material type is Description Only, where the sponsor is not pointed out within the video.

Material Types: Industries

Brand name Classification

Throughout 2022, 583 brand names invested over $100K. In the greatest costs classification – Supernova – are 8 brand names that invested over $112 million together. The Supernova brand names consist of Keeps, ExpressVPN, Honey, Established Titles, NordVPN, Manscaped, and Betterhelp. These leading brand names cover 5 markets and balanced an IMV of $14M.

73 brand names fall under the Macro classification, investing an overall of over $196M and balancing $2.7 M each. 88 brand names remain in the Mid Tier with an overall invest of $62M and a typical IMV of $706K.

The Micro classification consists of 121 brand names with an overall and typical IMV of $42.5 M and $351K, respectively. In our last tier are the 293 Nano brand names that invested an overall of $46.2 M and had a typical IMV of $158K.

Leading Spenders Sum of IMV

Our leading 10 spenders invested nearly $130M together in 2022. The leading 2 spenders– Keeps and HelloFresh– each invested more than double the quantity of the tenth leading spender– Ridge Wallet. Within our leading spenders are 2 VPN brand names: ExpressVPN and NordVPN, investing $15.6 M and $12.2 M, respectively.

Leading Spenders Number of Videos

The 10 highest-spending brand names published an overall of 5132 videos in 2022. Regardless of being the fourth-highest spender, Honey published the least videos this year, with just 129 videos. Of these brand names, Manscaped had the most videos at 825.

Leading Spenders Number of Creators

Some brand names select to deal with numerous developers to reach a diverse audience, while others adhere to less developers to construct a more devoted audience. ExpressVPN, Honey, and Betterhelp all utilized less than 80 developers in 2022 while still being amongst the leading 10 spenders. With 303 developers, Hellofresh sponsored one of the most.

Leading Spenders Total Views

The leading 10 brand names gathered in 914M views over 2022. Regardless of having actually the least sponsored videos, Honey still accumulated 94M views. Hellofresh had the most views, at 128M throughout practically 600 videos.

Leading Spenders Advertisement Length

Leading Videos

MrBeast, I Built Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory!

The leading sponsored video published in 2022 was a video published by MrBeast, sponsored by Honey. The video collected over 152M views and had an IMV of $4.8 M, more than 3 times any other video. This video used the Download and Install project type and had actually an incorporated advertisement.

Mark Rober, Egg Drop From Space

The 2nd most costly video from 2022 was made by Mark Rober and had actually an incorporated sponsorship by Crunch Labs. This video amassed over 31M views and had an IMV of $1.4 M. Crunch Labs utilized a Branding and Awareness project type.

Ben Azelart, Facing 100 Fears in 24 Hours !!

This video, sponsored by Epic Games, has 27.6 M views and an IMV of over $1M. The sponsored material for this video, made by Ben Azelart, was an introduction card.

CoryxKenshin, Ragnarok is Here – Part 1 (God of War Difficulty)

This video by CoryxKenshin was devoted to the sponsor Playstation and utilized the Download or Install project type. The video generated 7.9 M views and had an IMV of more than $1M.

Monster Reacts, iPhone Vs 8000 Feet Drop!

This video, published on the Beast Reacts channel, has more than 22M views and an IMV of $963.9 K. The video was sponsored by Honey and once again utilized a Branding and Awareness project type.

Leading Brand Showcase: Keeps

Keeps Stats

The highest-spending brand name in 2022 was Keeps. They invested over $17M and accumulated 124M views and 6.7 M likes over 2022. Throughout their project, Keeps utilized a Promo Code project type and Direct Purchase Page contact us to action in all of their sponsored material. Most of these videos incorporated their sponsored material.

There is a clear down pattern in the variety of videos published, sponsored by Keeps, over 2022. They sponsored one of the most quantity of videos within the very first 5 months of 2022. In March, Keeps sponsored 78 videos, while in December they sponsored 23 videos.

Top Brands

Leading Creators by Brands

These developers dealt with the most brand names in 2022. Together they collected over 251M views over 624 videos. Unbox Therapy teamed up with the greatest variety of brand names, practically 70% of those being Tech/Consumer Electronics brand names. JeromeASF was sponsored by 38 brand names, 61% of which were Gaming brand names.

Brand name Growth

We determined the 5 brand names with the greatest relative development in IMV and views from Q1 to Q4 2022. OperaGX experienced substantially greater IMV development than any other brand name at a 421,836% boost. Hulu had the greatest development in views over 2022 with a 19,178% boost. These brand names had a substantial push in influencer marketing on YouTube from Q1 to Q4.

Brand name Socials

To examine whether high costs on YouTube collaborations would equate into social networks development, we took a look at our leading 5 brand names’ Instagram followings and how they grew from January to December 2022. ExpressVPN had a 45% boost in fans over 2022, the greatest of these brand names. None of these leading brand names had more than a 50% development in fans, revealing an absence of social development for brand names investing more than $13M on sponsorships.

Expense Per View

In our analysis, we computed the approximated CPM (expense per 1000 views) based upon our Social Intelligence API’s IMV computation. The brand name with the greatest CPM was Verizon at $927, while Tommy John had the most affordable at $51. The mean CPM for all brand names in 2022 was $138.

Regular monthly Stats

Leading Monthly Spenders

In addition to the leading spenders for the entire year, we likewise took a look at the month-to-month leaderboard. As seen previously in the report, Keeps was a high spender at the start of the year. We likewise see 3 brand names, Betterhelp, NordVPN, and DraftKings, that were leading regular monthly spenders that were not in our leading 5 spenders for the year. ExpressVPN is the only leading spender that did not control a month, indicating their costs was more expanded over 2022.

Month-to-month Stats

On top of the leading month-to-month spender, we have actually likewise broken down overall invest, views, reach, and the variety of brand names by month. From January to February, we can see a huge dive in the variety of brand names that were sponsoring YouTube videos. The greatest number of brand names sponsored videos in February (903 brand names) regardless of invest being fairly low. We can see a considerable boost in invest from February to March, accompanying a boost in views.

In June, we see the regular monthly views and IMV peak at 363.8 K and $51.5 M, respectively. August had a few of the most affordable metrics of the year, as the only month to have less than a 3B reach. With the lower reach, August had 242.7 K views, the most affordable of the year. This comes just 2 months after June when views and reach were at their greatest.

Month-to-month IMV increases once again for October and November prior to dropping 30% in December, ending the year with the most affordable invest of $33.3 M. In October, the reach was 4.6 B, its greatest yet, which represents the high invest of $49.5 M.

Leading Creators by IMV

Brands invested one of the most quantity of cash on these 10 developers in 2022. The leading developer by IMV is Donut Media, with an IMV of $16.8 M. These 10 developers comprise 17% of the overall invest for the year, with an overall of $88.2 M over 877 videos. Donut Media, Linus Tech Tips, and Ben Shapiro were the only developers in 2022 to have brand name collaborations amounting to over $10M.

Quarterly Breakdown

In Q1 2022, 7.4 K videos were published, generating an overall of 925.1 M views. IMV stayed fairly consistent from Q4 2021 with just a $4M boost quarter-to-quarter.

Q2 had the greatest invest of the year with $147.4 M and was the only quarter to reach over 1B views.

Q3 had the most affordable metrics of the year, with a drop of 244M views. This might represent the lower variety of sponsored videos published this quarter.

In Q4, the IMV and views increased once again within a comparable variety to Q1. By the end of 2022, there was just a $3.8 M boost in IMV from Q1 to Q4.

Market Breakdown: Tech

Leading Tech Brands

The leading 2 Tech brand names by invest and views were VPN brand names. The very first is ExpressVPN, with an IMV of $15.6 M and 111.8 M views. Both NordVPN and ExpressVPN had comparable typical IMVs per video, at about $34K, nevertheless, ExpressVPN sponsored about 100 more videos. Regardless of being the lower spender of these brand names, Meta PC sponsored one of the most videos this year, at 515 videos with an IMV of $4.1 M.

Tech Overview: Quarterly Breakdown

When taking a look at the Tech market’s quarterly data, we can see that Q3 was the worst-performing quarter, matching the pattern for all markets. Q2 had the greatest IMV with $23.1 M. However, in spite of having a lower IMV, Q4 carried out the finest with 164.9 M views.

Leading Grossing Tech Video

Crunch Labs invested an approximated $1.4 M to sponsor this video, by Mark Rober, making it the highest-grossing video sponsored by a Tech brand name. It accumulated over 31M views and 880K likes.

Leading Tech Creators by Spend

When taking a look at our leading market, we likewise take a look at the developers that were paid the most by brand names in this market. Ben Shapiro was the developer who made the most cash from Tech brand name collaborations, with an overall of $9.4 M. However, the developer who made the most per video was Pewdiepie, with approximately more than $357K per video.

Leading Tech Creators by Views

We likewise took a look at the overall views these developers collected with these Tech-sponsored videos, and what their typical views per video were. Ben Shapiro had the greatest overall views, with 88% of his overall views originating from Tech brand name collaborations.

Leading Tech Creators Overview

Pewdiepie has a substantially greater reach than his fellow developers and published the least videos sponsored by Tech brand names. His a great deal of customers enables greater views and IMV.

Market Breakdown: Gaming

Leading Gaming Brands

With Fortnite being one of the most popular video games of 2022, it follows that its designer Epic Games was the highest-spending Gaming brand name for the year and reached over 50M views. 2 mobile video games, Raid Shadow Legends and Marvel SNAP, made it into the leading spenders, with IMVs of $3.5 M and $1.7 M, respectively.

Video Gaming Overview: Quarterly Breakdown

The Gaming market invested the most on YouTube sponsorships in Q2, with $18M, and the least in Q3, with $12.4 M. Despite having a lower invest than Q2, the most amount of sponsored videos were published in Q4. We can likewise see that unlike Tech and the total summary, the Gaming market invested less in Q4 than in Q1.

Leading Grossing Gaming Video

The leading earning video sponsored by a Gaming brand name was not sponsored by any of our leading spenders. Fall Guys invested an approximated $1M on this video and generated 27.6 M views and practically 451K likes.

Leading Gaming Creators by Spend

Here we can see xNestorio was the leading earning developer from Gaming brand names, having an overall IMV of $4.6 M– more than double that of any other developer. He did not have the greatest typical IMV per video, which in fact came from Dude Perfect who made an average of $682K per video.

Leading Gaming Creators by Views

In spite of having the most affordable overall views for Gaming-sponsored videos, Dude Perfect had the greatest typical variety of views per video at 5.1 M views. While WILDCAT had a comparable overall view count, he had the most affordable typical views per video at 354K.

Leading Gaming Creators Overview

Guy Perfect launched just 2 videos sponsored by Gaming brand names, nevertheless, their 58.6 M reach and high views enabled them to be amongst the leading developers in this market. CoryxKenshin had the most overall likes, in spite of just publishing 3 videos in this classification.

Market Breakdown: Entertainment

Leading Entertainment Brands

Developed Titles had a considerable lead in IMV and views over the other Entertainment brand names, with an IMV of $14M and an overall of 91M views. The other leading brand names had more constant costs in 2022, with SeatGeek being the next greatest spender at practically $6M.

Home Entertainment Overview: Quarterly Breakdown

The Entertainment market follows a various pattern from the other markets because the IMV was considerably greater in Q4 than in any other quarter. From Q1 to Q4 there was a $6.6 M boost in IMV. We can likewise see that the IMV for Q1 and Q3, at around $12.4 M, were extremely comparable, in spite of Q3 having more views and less videos.

Leading Grossing Entertainment Video

The leading earning video sponsored by an Entertainment brand name was a video released by The Game Theorists. The video, sponsored by Displate, accumulated over 8.7 M views and 475.1 K likes.

Leading Entertainment Creators by Spend

Guy Perfect had the greatest IMV per video, at approximately nearly $718K. CarlosStory had a substantially smaller sized IMV per video, at approximately just $2.9 K. Meanwhile, Donut Media was the leading earning channel from Entertainment brand names with an IMV of $2.1 M.

Leading Entertainment Creators by Views

CarlosStory had the most affordable views per video, at approximately 23.8 K, while having the third-most overall views for the year. Donut Media balanced about 1M views per video, accumulating an overall of 16M views for Entertainment-sponsored videos.

Top Entertainment Creators Overview

CarlosStory published the most videos in this classification by a large margin, with 464 videos. This a great deal enabled him to make it into the leading developers for this classification in spite of the lower metrics seen in earlier slides. We once again see Dude Perfect with a much bigger reach than other developers regardless of publishing less videos.

Future Predictions

Based upon the information in this report, we had the ability to make some future forecasts about the Influencer Marketing market and the Creator Economy.

Brand names will continue the existing pattern of sponsoring smaller sized developers at a more regular rate.

With the development of the Health and Wellness market in YouTube Influencer Marketing, we see this development continuing into 2023 and anticipate more brand names in this market to start sponsoring YouTube developers.

With the Tech market ending the year on a greater invest than it began with, we see this market continuing to control the area, especially concentrating on Tech channels.

With the ever-growing variety of brand names sponsoring YouTube videos, we forecast developers will start to end up being more particular about which brand names they deal with. This can imply selecting brand names that line up with their channel or that they in fact utilize.

Smaller sized developers will have the ability to more quickly earn a living on YouTube as there are more sponsorship chances.

Secret Takeaways

The leading costs brand name was Keeps, with an IMV of $17.3 M. Keeps sponsored 631 videos and 251 developers, accumulating over 123M views.

Tech was the greatest costs market for the 2nd year in a row, investing more than $82M on sponsored YouTube material this year.

Most of brand names utilize a Promo Code project type, nevertheless less so in the Gaming market.

While it’s a less popular project type, Gaming brand names comprise more than 50% of the sponsored material of the Download or Install project type.

3 of our top-spending business– ExpressVPN, Honey, and Squarespace– dealt with less than 100 developers in 2022

The leading developer by IMV was Donut Media with an IMV of $16.8 M.

6 out of 10 of the leading developers for 2022 were likewise leading developers in 2021– Donut Media, Linus Tech Tips, Ben Shapiro, The H3 Podcast, Pewdiepie, and MrBeast

Invest peaked in Q2 with an overall IMV of more than $147M and more than 7.9 K videos sponsored. Invest was at its least expensive in Q3 with an IMV of $110M and 6.3 K videos sponsored.

Editor’s Note

Influencer Marketing has actually ended up being a fundamental part of the marketing market as an entire, and in this report, we take a look at the state of affairs at the end of 2022. This report is meant to show how this market has actually altered throughout the years and to show where it might enter the future. Over the previous couple of years, the variety of sponsorships on YouTube has actually grown tremendously, and it is not decreasing. Not just are brand-new brand names sponsoring content every day, however the veteran brand names are continuing to grow and find out how to get the most out of Influencer Marketing.

Through the information gathered and revealed in this report, we can see the power of Influencer Marketing, not just for organizations however for developers. Developers of all sizes have the ability to participate and construct relationships with brand names. With many brand names excited to sponsor YouTube material, developers are likewise able to choose the brand names they wish to deal with, whether it’s a business they delight in or a business that their audience will get in touch with.

The IMV displayed in this report is a quote determined utilizing NeoReach’s own formula. Any modification in IMV from the previous year might be due to a decline in interactions with sponsored material on YouTube.

Source: Leading Youtube Spenders Report [2022]

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