The past couple of years saw the entire world being thrust almost completely into digital commerce. The e-commerce industry has become even more competitive, with both large retailers and small entrepreneurs now selling online. In Amazon alone, there are already 476,000 new sellers this year joining the 1.5 million active Amazon sellers worldwide.

To thrive in this increasingly competitive industry, you need to equip yourself with the right knowledge, skills, and tools. Here are some of the best tools out there that can support people like you who sell on Amazon.

10 Best Amazon Seller Software Tools:

10 Best Amazon Seller Software Tools

1. Inventory Management by Helium 10 

Helium 10 has a comprehensive suite of tools for Amazon sellers. They have almost every tool you need to run a business on Amazon. One of their latest releases is an inventory management platform that simplifies the process of managing stocks. It enables you to handle all logistical concerns on one interface.

Easily manage your entire inventory with organized tabs for supplier management, stock replenishment, and purchase orders. Know how much stocks you have left in one glance. Get valuable insights to help you forecast inventory needs and avoid running out of stocks or over-ordering. The Inventory Management tool makes your inventory process fast and easy, empowering you to grow your business better.

2. Market Intelligence by Viral Launch

When it comes to sales estimates, the Market Intelligence tool of Viral Launch delivers one of the most accurate results. It uses an algorithm based on both historical and real-time data gathered from billions of data points. The reliable results enable you to make better informed decisions during your product selection process.

This is a great tool for new entrepreneurs still looking for potential products or testing out new offerings. The tool can be used on a free Viral launch account, but searches are limited to just five per day. Still, it provides great value for the insights it provides about market trends and product profitability. You can utilize a free account while starting your business then upgrade to a paid one when your sales have taken off.

3. Supplier Database by Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is widely known for having one of the best assortment of tools for Amazon sellers. It constantly improves its software systems and designs new tools to expand its portfolio. The latest addition to its suite of tools is the Supplier Database.

This tool is packed with features that help you find the best suppliers and manage purchase orders. Its database includes verified global suppliers used by established businesses. It even allows you to check the exact supplier your competitors are getting their stocks from. 

Two of the most useful features of this tool are the Match Score and Supplier Tracker. The first one enables you to find suppliers using ASIN, brand name, or supplier name. Then, it gives you a comparison of supplier quotes, so you can choose the one that matches your needs and budget. The latter is a new feature that makes managing purchase orders easier. It lets you generate purchase orders, manage them, and keep track of all your transactions with your suppliers.

4. Feedback Whiz

Get more positive reviews and manage negative feedback to enhance your online reputation. FeedbackWhiz is one of the best tools for these tasks.

FeedbackWhiz’s advanced software automates tracking and monitoring of customer feedback. You can monitor reviews and immediately respond to issues that result in negative feedback. Aside from this, it enables you to set up automated e-mails to customers. These customizable e-mails can be used to thank customers for their purchases and ask them to leave reviews on Amazon. These e-mails are also automatically tracked, so you can measure customer engagement and determine which ones are most effective in increasing conversions.

FeedbackWhiz may not be a comprehensive seller software, but it is one of the best tools for e-mail automation. Leverage its features to improve customer engagement and boost seller ratings on Amazon.

5. Teikametrics

Teikametrics is a PPC campaign management software tool that uses AI algorithms. Its intuitive, easy-to-navigate interface sets it apart from other PPC management tools.

Teikametrics simplifies PPC campaign management by using an engaging visual layout on its platform. You can quickly see all the tools and options available to customize your ad campaigns. 

But more than being user-friendly, this tool is packed with features that can improve brand recognition, drive traffic to your site, and boost profits. Among its best features are algorithmic keyword bidding optimization, goal-based campaign creation, and keyword automation. You can also gain valuable insights from its custom-built reporting tools.

With its advanced AI software, you get data-driven insights for better decision-making and effective automation that can help you streamline your processes.

6. Pixelfy

Pixelfy is a URL shortener developed by Seller Tradecraft, but it offers much more than URL shortening. It also tracks links and collects data that Amazon sellers can use to grow their audience and improve their rankings.

Pixelfy lets you shorten your Amazon links before sharing them on your ad platforms, social media accounts, and e-mail campaigns. Whenever you use Pixelfy to shorten a link, it embeds a retargeting pixel into that link. It then tracks your link when you share it on your social media platforms. It gathers data that would allow you to generate insights on customer engagement. Based on these insights, you can optimize your retargeting campaigns and increase sales.

7. Feedvisor

Feedvisor is an AI-based tool more appropriate for high-volume sellers with an average monthly sales of $100K. It uses machine learning and AI algorithms for accurate reports and analytics. Its solutions are mostly for the optimization of price, brand, and ads.

One of the best features of this tool is its patented algo-repricer, which helps you find the most ideal price for your products. It uses a data-driven method to balance profitability with affordability so you can maximize sales. Feedvisor also enables deep-learning bid optimizations and automated keyword harvesting, which can make your ad campaigns more effective. Used well, this tool can improve your product listings and optimize your prices for faster growth. 

8. Amazon Product Finder by IO Scout

IO Scout has a suite of tools specifically designed to help Amazon sellers manage their e-commerce businesses. Like most suites, it offers a keyword research tool, listing optimizer, sales estimator, and an FBA calculator. 

But the tool that makes it popular among sellers is its product research tool, the IO Scout Product Finder. This tool gives you access to a database with over 200 million products on Amazon. You can search using ASIN or keywords and apply advanced filters to find products with high margins but low competition. 

You can also save your searches, bookmark products, and explore new niches. Aside from these, the Product Finder also lets you research product data and trends. You get access to their historical data for better analysis.

9. RepricerExpress

Repricing is a strategy used by many sellers to keep their product prices competitive. However, it can be difficult to keep up with changes in prices that happen several times a day. So, a repricing tool becomes a necessity for Amazon sellers. One of the go-to solutions for this is the RepricerExpress.

This tool ups your repricing strategy  game and gets your products in Buy Box spots. Its features enable you to customize your pricing so you can remain competitive without sacrificing your margins. You can set price boundaries, filter competitors, and exclude sellers. With its data-driven technology, you can avoid potential pricing errors. It automatically adapts your repricing strategy based on stock levels, Buy Box performance, sales history, and other factors. 

10. Amazon Online Arbitrage and Dropshipping by AMZ Scout

One of the strategies sellers with low capital use to start their Amazon business is online arbitrage. If you’re venturing into this, AMZScout’s Online Arbitrage and Dropshipping tool can help you find the products you could gain the most profit from.

With this tool, you can check the profitability of a product while browsing through Amazon search results. You can easily see its price history, ranking, fees, and potential margins. This reduces the time you spend on product research while ensuring that you find the products that would give you the most profits.

Find the Right Tools for Long-Term Growth

Whether you’re a new entrepreneur or running a robust business, you’ll need a reliable arsenal of tools to manage your Amazon business. With hundreds of software tools in the market, you must learn how to differentiate those that are truly helpful from those that are simply frivolous add-ons. Finding the right tools for your specific needs can help ensure your long-term success in the Amazon marketplace.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Amazon selling tools?

Amazon selling tools are used by sellers to remain competitive in the marketplace. These tools are used to search for keywords, check rankings, determine product prices, calculate FBA fees, and monitor product reviews. There are also tools for managing ads, inventory, sales, and marketing campaigns.

What are the best software tools for Amazon?

Among the best software tools that Amazon sellers can use to grow their business are Helium 10, Jungle Scout, Viral Launch, AMZ Scout, and IO Scout. All these have comprehensive Amazon tool suites that make them great as all-in-one solutions for e-commerce.

What are the basic tools an Amazon seller should have?

New sellers who have limited stocks may not need all the tools offered in comprehensive software packages, but they should at least have the basic ones that can help them manage and grow their business. These tools include those for keyword research, automatic repricing, list optimization, feedback monitoring, and PPC management.

How much are Amazon tools?

Some tools that can be used on Amazon are free of charge. However, these often have limited functionalities. When your business is growing, you may want to consider investing in more advanced tools. Prices for these tools vary but many companies offer them bundled in flexible packages. 

Most software companies offer tiered packages, so Amazon sellers can simply choose the package that meets their needs and budget.

How much does Helium 10 cost?

Helium 10 offers a starter package at just $37 per month. Its most comprehensive package designed specifically for sellers scaling their business is the Elite which is priced at $397 per month. For large businesses and agencies, it offers a custom solution tailored to meet their exact business needs.

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