This is the marketing area that brogught back “Chavo del Ocho” with a deepfake

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El Chavo del Ocho is a famous character. No matter where you are in Latin America, the reference of his name constantly brings smiles and enjoyment. Created by the Mexican comic Roberto Gómez Bolaños for a sketch in 1971, the character of the bad kid who lives in a community, premiered his program in 1973 and did not stop having a tv existence till June 12,1992 Since then, any look of the cherished character draws attention and more if it is the pledge to “revive” him through a deepfake .

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On March 14, the Mexican comic Eugenio Derbez submitted a video to his Instagram account in which a production group can be seen working on a set with blue screens and an star dressed in Chavo’s particular match. The post was accompanied by the expression: “Almost… stay tuned.” The remarks were instant and the fans started to ask concerns and hypothesize about the job. That post has more than 1.1 million likes.

On March 17, Derbez submitted another post with a video in which Chavo del Ocho (well, a deepfake of Chavo) is seen on a tv screen, turning to the cam and speaking to the comic who responds from an armchair. The post has more than 4.8 million likes and the concerns kept coming.

Finally, and through another post, Derbez exposed that the deepfake was produced as part of an marketing project for the Dish Latino pay tv service. In the area, Chavo leaves the tv screen that Eugenio sees to talk with him about the success that Latinos have had and the method things have altered in the world. In this method, the business and Eugenio pay a little homage to Chavo and to those who “took the veryfirst actions” .

This last post just has 108,000 likes.

Here you can see the complete advertisement .

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  • Source: This is the marketing area that brogught back “Chavo del Ocho” with a deepfake.

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