The Story That Tells How Crypto Can Be A ‘satanic force’ To Some


  • A client remained in a rehabilitation center in Thailand due to his crypto dependency, according to a current report.
  • The report highlights the growing issues all over the world with the mainstream adoption of crypto and likewise points out the work of Dr. Theo de Vries, Managing Director of The Diamond Rehab in Thailand.
  • De Vries likewise did treatment for crypto dependency and exposed that in their center, they provide comparable treatment to clients with crypto dependency as clients with betting dependency.

Based on a current report, in Thailand, a client remains in a rehabilitation center due to the fact that of his crypto dependency. This occurrence highlights among the growing issues worldwide with the mainstream adoption of crypto. Cryptocurrency dependency is related with betting dependency in a current report.

Citing the work of Dr. Theo de Vries, Managing Director of The Diamond Rehab in Thailand, who likewise does the treatment for crypto dependency. According to De Vries, the crypto dependency is typically instilled with something else given that clients experience either alcohol or drugs besides crypto. He likewise shared that his center deals with clients with crypto dependency the like gaming, keeping in mind the “greatest suicide rate of all dependencies.”

A confidential client informed in an interview about his experience with crypto dependency. The 38- year-old client is the owner of a marketing business and has 2 kids. The client shared that after ending up being conscious of Ethereum, they initially got associated with crypto in2016

The client then exposes that the dependency gradually grew gradually. They went on to discover the “next brand-new gem” that would yield significant revenues. The client states they ended up being “completely consumed over it” and began taking loans, consisting of individual loans from friends and family, to back their financial investments.

It rapidly got intensified, and the client began comprising reasons and lies to get loans and buy crypto. They began examining costs frequently, turning into a crypto-obsessed. They utilized to enjoy crypto-related Youtube videos in their spare time.

Then, on the suggestion of the client’s sweetheart, they turn to get assist concerning their crypto dependency, leading to a stay at a rehabilitation. Ultimately, the client overcame their crypto dependency; nevertheless, they shared it was “truly hard,”, specifically throughout the booming market.

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