The NFT Starter Pack: Tools for Anyone to Analyze NFTs

A concern we typically get is how can somebody who isn’t extremely technical get began studying information for NFTs, or non-fungible tokens? (More on NFTs, consistingof checkingout resources, discussions on how they work, particular usage cases, etc. here.) Part of why blockchains are intriguing is that all of their information is openly available. But… it’s structured in a method that is counter-intuitive even for technical individuals. 

The code we share listedbelow reveals individuals how to pull NFT information straight from the source, and change it in a method that’s more familiar. Our hope is that this will assistance lower the barrier for individuals who desire to examine NFT information. Having invested a lot of time going down the NFT bunny hole, even I discovered it remarkably challenging to export the most fundamental information associated with a collection – such as all token transfers, historic sales, and each underlying product’s metadata (including rarity ratings, which show how uncommon specific characteristics are throughout various classifications within a collection). 

Whether you’re a designer structure an application, a information researcher looking to develop numerous designs, an expert or collector interested in historic cost patterns, or a potential purchaser/seller who simply desires to comprehend the rarity of particular characteristics, the NFT Analyst Starter Pack can assist. It is created to be light-weight and simple to usage even for non-developers (there’s a fast and simple setup, there are really coupleof dependences, andsoon):

  1. All you requirement is a complimentary Alchemy API crucial, which you can get here at Alchemy (further directions in the repo). 
  2. Then, when you getin your Alchemy API essential and an NFT agreement address, you will be able to – with simply one command – create CSV extracts for all the NFT information of interest to you. 

We hope that as more individuals gointo this area, various types of homebuilders will construct for usage cases well beyond simply monetary analysis. And we can’t wait to see what you develop! Please share openly with us @a16z crypto, @eddylazzarin @darenmatsuoka (in specific, contact @darenmatsuoka for conversation and/or partnership as well!). 

Get the NFT Starter Pack here

Thank you to Grace Danco and Michael Blau for their feedback and code input (and to Andrew Hong, Alex Kroeger, and Michael Silberling for their remarks as well.)

Lastly, a unique shoutout to neighborhood tools like Alchemy (@AlchemyPlatform) and @EthereumETL that do all of the heavy lifting that makes this type of information extraction possible!

Source: The NFT Starter Pack: Tools for Anyone to Analyze NFTs.

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