The Netherlands Selects The Embraer C-390 As New Tactical Cargo Aircraft

File picture of a Brazilian C-390 M transformed to the KC-390 tanker version. (Photo: Embraer)

The C-390 will change the 4 aging C-130 Hs of the Royal Netherlands Air Force.

The Dutch Ministry of Defense recognized the brand-new tactical freight airplane, that will change the existing fleet of 4 aging C-130 H Hercules airplane: the Embraer C-390 Millennium. With the choice of the Brazilian-made freight airplane, the Netherlands are bound to end up being the 3rd European nation to purchase it after Portugal and Hungary. The C-390 was the winner of the evaluation versus the U.S.-made Lockheed Martin C-130 J Hercules.

The replacement of the C-130 H fleet was at first prepared in between 2031 and 2033, nevertheless a consistent low deployability and the altered security scenario in eastern Europe pressed the federal government to change the fleet earlier than anticipated. The evacuation from Afghanistan, for a circumstances, highlighted the value of ensured schedule of tactical and tactical transportation ability, with the Dutch militaries acknowledging in the Defense Memorandum 2022 an increased requirement for transportation, taking the needed flying hours from 2,400 to 4,000 hours.

Other than the flight hours, the MoD set a variety of requirements: a payload of a minimum of 60 paratroopers; the capability to carry various kinds of devices over a range of 2,000 nautical miles to unpaved and brief runways or ultimately to be airdropped; a MEDEVAC/CASEVAC ability for seriously hurt individuals who need constant treatment while in flight; self-protection systems and protected interaction systems. Lastly, the airplane needs to be currently offered as Military Off The Shelf.

The evaluation for the brand-new freight airplane was carried out on the only 2 prospects thought about appropriate for the function: the C-130 J and C-390 M. The files launched by the Dutch MoD reference that the C-390 M was examined to be the only prospect within the budget plan that can fulfill the requirements set within the structure of Commercial/Military Off The Shelf (COTS/MOTS), along with satisfying the shipment and accreditation time schedule set by the MoD.

Also, the MoD states that, compared to the C-130 J, the C-390 M has higher accessibility and needs substantially less upkeep, enabling more hours to be flown with the exact same variety of airplane. The files continue by describing that the C-390 M ratings greater than the C-130 J on a variety of functional and technical requirements, satisfying the functional requirements, while the C-130 J can satisfy the Dutch functional requirements, however need to then be geared up with different mission-specific aspects that are not offered as COTS/MOTS.

File picture of 2 Dutch C-130 Hs.( Photo: RNLAF)

Another contrast is associated with the variety of airplane required to fly the needed flight hours: the C-390 M can satisfy the minimum requirement of 2,400 flight hours with 4 airplane and the requirement of 4,000 flight hours with 5 airplane. On the other hand, according to the info acquired by the Dutch MoD, the C-130 J currently needs a minimum of 5 airplane for 2,400 flying hours and they are not adequate to satisfy the requirement of 4, 000 hours.

The Dutch Defense is now proceeding with the acquisition of 5 C-390 M airplane plus a freight hold simulator and cockpit simulator. Throughout the evaluation stage it was anticipated to change the very first C-130 H with the very first C-390 M from2026 Even with some hold-ups throughout the evaluation procedure, Embraer ensured the MoD that it will still have the ability to provide the 5 airplane and simulators in accordance with the shipment schedule. The expenses of the replacement program are approximated in between EUR 1 billion and EUR 2.5 billion.

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Source: The Netherlands Selects The Embraer C-390 As New Tactical Cargo Aircraft

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