The Best Light Boxes for Detail-Oriented Work

If you purchase an separately evaluated item or service through a link on our site, ARTNews might get an affiliate commission.

If you purchase an separately examined item or service through a link on our site, we might get an affiliate commission.

A light box is one of the most beneficial tools you can have in your studio. Resembling a stripped-down tablet, these slim gadgets lightup flat surfaceareas from behind so you can location product on top for tracing or close observation. Use a light box, for circumstances, to weed vinyl, trace styles on watercolor paper, transfer tattoo illustrations, lightup diamond painting, and view picture negatives. While you can discover complete, table-size light boxes, the market for portable ones is growing. These are generally crafted with LEDs to lower eye tiredness, deal various brightness settings, and need connection to a power source to run. Below, a roundup of our favorites.

1. Gaomon GB4 Light Box

This light box comes from one of the mostsignificant gamers in the digital tablet videogame, and it’s crafted with the exactsame advanced, trusted innovation for which Gaomon is understood. Just 0.2 inches thin and weighing 1.6 pounds, it includes an acrylic surfacearea that is extremely smooth and resilient. The circulation of LED light is even throughout the active location (just under 10 inches by 14 inches) and is intense adequate to program through heavy media, even something as thick as 140-pound watercolor paper. A single button serves as a power switch as well as a dimmer. Notably, this light box is developed to keepinmind the brightness setting of your last session.

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2. FirstPower Rechargable A4 Light Pad

Reliable light pads with integrated batteries are challenging to come by, and this is the finest one we’ve discovered. On a complete charge, the lithium battery of this structured gadget can last for up to 6 hours, depending the degree of brightness. There are 5 pre-programmed levels (instead of full-range dimming); the optimum level releases rather a lot of light however doesn’t reach the strength of boxes that should constantly be plugged in. The light pad does, nevertheless, accommodate a USB adapter to both charge and power the gadget. Compared with our top choice, this lightbox provides a smallersized brightened location and is thicker, however it’s likewise lighter.

Best Light Boxes

3. Tiktecklab Ultra-Thin LED Light Box

This is a affordable light box that’s about as thin as Gaomon’s item and includes an brightened location about 9 by 12 inches big. It does whatever you’d desire a tracing tool to do: The light is strong adequate to be efficient in daytime and is adjustable to 3 levels, and its surfacearea is consistently smooth. The tech isn’t as structured as higher-end items, and there’s a black mesh pattern that reveals up listedbelow the surfacearea, however unless you mean to usage this box to view negatives, we puton’t thinkabout this a dealbreaker.

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4. Huion A2 Light Box

Another light box created by a digital tablet business, this is an exceptional choice if you’re looking for an upgrade choice. While the pad is simply 0.3 inches thick, the litup surfacearea is huge. Weighing 4.4 pounds, this is a muchheavier gadget than our other selects, however it likewise provides more power giventhat it runs bymeansof a plug-in AIRCONDITIONING adapter, which can produce more brightness than a USB connection. Other significant functions consistof an anti-slip base, full-range dimming, and ingrained centimeter rulers.

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5. Ohuhu LED Light Box

Known for its topquality alcohol markers, Ohuhu has likewise established a light box that caters, of course, to severe illustrators. This fairly low-cost tool is jam-packed with lots of clever information: measurements (in centimeters) along 2 edges, a rubberized base to avoid skidding, and a allured surfacearea so you can usage magnets (included) to hold your paper in location. Most significantly, the box provides 3 light temperaturelevels—cold, warm, and yellow—intended to balance the tones of different paper types.

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