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Solar Panel Installation: How Long It Takes and What You Need to Know – CNET

In the next 10 years, three times as much solar power will be installed in the US as in all the years before 2021. Given that rooftop solar installations have reached record numbers each of the last few years, this rapid expansion should come as no surprise.While many people are going solar, it can be a

The Best Wired Gaming Headsets for Every System

Whether charging your new phone or slipping on a pair of earbuds for your morning commute, most of us use wireless gadgets. But you might want to think twice when it comes to your gaming headset. You can use a wired headset with almost any device, as long as it has a headphone jack. You

Overwatch 2 Beta Starts Tuesday: How to Sign Up and What to Expect – CNET

Overwatch 2 starts its second beta on Tuesday, June 28, for PC and console players. Sign-ups are still open for a chance to participate, and you can still get guaranteed access if you’re willing to spend some cash.  The next beta will be our first look at Junker Queen, a new tank hero who first

Google Warns of New Spyware Targeting iOS and Android Users

In hearings this week, the notorious spyware vendor NSO group told European legislators that at least five EU countries have used its powerful Pegasus surveillance malware. But as ever more comes to light about the reality of how NSO’s products have been abused around the world, researchers are also working to raise awareness that the

The Best USB Hubs and Docks for Connecting All Your Gadgets

Your laptop never has enough ports–especially if it’s the Macbook Air this guide was written on. That forces you to carry an array of dongles so you can plug everything in. Fortunately, there’s a better way. USB hubs can expand the number and kind of ports available, and USB docks let you turn a laptop…

Why Solar Power Actually Pays Off, Even in Regions With Cheap Electricity – CNET

For solar panels to make financial sense, they need to save more money than they cost. The local cost of electricity and solar installations, the amount of available sun, financial incentives and personal energy consumption all have a place on the balance sheet. While people adopt solar power technology for more reasons than saving money,…

No One Knows How Safe New Driver-Assistance Systems Really Are

This week, a US Department of Transportation report detailed the crashes that advanced driver-assistance systems have been involved in over the past year or so. Tesla’s advanced features, including Autopilot and Full Self-Driving, accounted for 70 percent of the nearly 400 incidents—many more than previously known. But the report may raise more questions about this…

LaMDA and the Sentient AI Trap

Now head of the nonprofit Distributed AI Research, Gebru hopes that going forward people focus on human welfare, not robot rights. Other AI ethicists have said that they’ll no longer discuss conscious or superintelligent AI at all.“Quite a large gap exists between the current narrative of AI and what it can actually do,” says Giada…

Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase: Start Time, How to Watch Online – CNET

The Xbox Bethesda Showcase event starts today and will be something of an E3 conference in disguise. We’ll see footage of upcoming major titles from Microsoft and Bethesda, such as Starfield and maybe future Forza, Fable and Perfect Dark games. We might even see a first glimpse of Obsidian’s already announced RPG Avowed, alongside some…

How China Hacked US Phone Networks

How do you smuggle information into the USSR right under the nose of the KGB? Create your own encryption system, of course. That’s exactly what saxophonist and music professor Merryl Goldberg did during the 1980s. This week Goldberg revealed that she used musical notation to hide the names and addresses of activists and details of…