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Nest Doorbell 2nd Gen (Wired) Review: Useful Features, Simple Design – CNET

LikeHigh-quality audio and videoLots of customizable settingsFree cloud storage up to three hoursCompatible with Google Assistant and Alexa Don’t LikeRecorded events automatically delete after 3 hoursSomewhat limited field of view Google built on the design and features of its Nest Doorbell with Battery to create a second generation doorbell. Unlike the first generation, where the wired

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16 Best Deals on Home Office Gear: Portable Monitors, Desks, Power Strips

We recently updated our extensive guide to the Best Gear for Working From Home, and many of our favorites are on sale right now. Whether you need a new standing desk or office chair, or if you’ve been in the market for a nice new power strip, we’ve got you covered.Special offer for Gear readers:

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Spotted a UFO? There’s an App for That

The tech startup Enigma Labs wants to turn UFO sightings into data science. Previously, people who had seen strange lights darting around the sky could do no more than tell their friends—or call intelligence agencies. Soon, anyone with a smartphone will be able to use an app to report an unexplainable event as it happens.Enigma Labs’ mobile

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NASA Is Pumped About 2023: Here’s Why – CNET

It’s going to be tough for NASA to top 2022, a year marked by the first James Webb Space Telescope images, the successful completion of the Artemis I moon mission and by smacking an asteroid. So what’s next? A pumped-up NASA video released on Sunday gives a preview of all the space action to come

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A Crucial Particle Physics Computer Program Risks Obsolescence

Recently, I watched a fellow particle physicist talk about a calculation he had pushed to a new height of precision. His tool? A 1980s-era computer program called FORM.Particle physicists use some of the longest equations in all of science. To look for signs of new elementary particles in collisions at the Large Hadron Collider, for

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Take Up to 50% Off Cool Toys for Kids at Target Right Now – CNET

It’s already December, so if you have kids on your holiday shopping list, you’ll want to check out the deal happening at Target right now. Kids toys are marked down by up to 50%, meaning you can get more for less and load up on plenty of great gifts for the children in your life

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Activision Blizzard Has Another Union on Its Hands. Now What?

The movement to organize the video game industry took another step forward today when a group of Activision Blizzard quality assurance workers voted unanimously to unionize at the company’s office in Albany, New York. The Game Workers Alliance Albany is only the second unit to form at a major, AAA studio in North America, and

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Sling Is Increasing its Subscription Plans by $5 – CNET

Sling TV is raising prices on all three of its basic subscription packages, following in the footsteps of other streaming services that implemented price hikes this year. Customers will pay $5 more for their plans, the company said on Thursday. The live TV streaming service has bumped up the monthly cost for Sling Orange or Sling

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30 Outdoor Gift Ideas (2022): Binoculars, Helmets, Trekking Poles

Got friends and loved ones who love to camp, hike, trail run, fish, or hunt? The experience is the whole point, but many outdoorsy people love to geek out over all the cool gear released every year. Not every gift has to be useful in the backcountry (although those are certainly appreciated). Their favorite gift

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‘Andor’ Release Schedule: When Does Episode 5 Hit Disney Plus? – CNET

The Star Wars universe has expanded on Disney Plus in the form of Rogue One prequel series Andor, which takes place five years prior to the events of the 2016 movie. This 12-episode series kicked off Sept. 21, when the first three episodes hit Disney’s streaming service. Four episodes are available now. We’ll now get one episode each Wednesday until Nov. 23. Diego

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Elon Musk’s Half-Baked Robot Is a Clunky First Step

Some robot experts watching saw a project that appeared to be quickly getting up to speed. “There’s nothing fundamentally groundbreaking, but they are doing cool stuff,” says Stefanie Tellex, an assistant professor at Brown University.Henrik Christensen, who researches robotics and AI at UC Davis, calls Tesla’s homegrown humanoid “a good initial design,” but adds that

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