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Sling Is Increasing its Subscription Plans by $5 – CNET

Sling TV is raising prices on all three of its basic subscription packages, following in the footsteps of other streaming services that implemented price hikes this year. Customers will pay $5 more for their plans, the company said on Thursday. The live TV streaming service has bumped up the monthly cost for Sling Orange or Sling

30 Outdoor Gift Ideas (2022): Binoculars, Helmets, Trekking Poles

Got friends and loved ones who love to camp, hike, trail run, fish, or hunt? The experience is the whole point, but many outdoorsy people love to geek out over all the cool gear released every year. Not every gift has to be useful in the backcountry (although those are certainly appreciated). Their favorite gift

‘Andor’ Release Schedule: When Does Episode 5 Hit Disney Plus? – CNET

The Star Wars universe has expanded on Disney Plus in the form of Rogue One prequel series Andor, which takes place five years prior to the events of the 2016 movie. This 12-episode series kicked off Sept. 21, when the first three episodes hit Disney’s streaming service. Four episodes are available now. We’ll now get one episode each Wednesday until Nov. 23. Diego

Elon Musk’s Half-Baked Robot Is a Clunky First Step

Some robot experts watching saw a project that appeared to be quickly getting up to speed. “There’s nothing fundamentally groundbreaking, but they are doing cool stuff,” says Stefanie Tellex, an assistant professor at Brown University.Henrik Christensen, who researches robotics and AI at UC Davis, calls Tesla’s homegrown humanoid “a good initial design,” but adds that

iPhone 14 Rumors: All of the New Phone Details We Expect at Apple’s Event – CNET

This story is part of Focal Point iPhone 2022, CNET’s collection of news, tips and advice around Apple’s most popular product. The rumored iPhone 14 will likely make its debut this week at Apple’s “Far Out” launch event on Wednesday, Sept. 7. After nearly a year of waiting, we’ve heard a slew of rumors about the

NASA Orders a Second Delay for the Artemis Moon-Bound Rocket

NASA engineers held the countdown at T-40 minutes while troubleshooting for more than an hour. Finally, launch director Charlie Blackwell-Thompson called the attempt a scrub. At a press conference the following day, members of the Artemis team suggested the apparent engine issue might actually have been a sign of a dodgy temperature sensor. “The way

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Trailer Shows Off New Pokemon Fidough and More – CNET

The Pokemon Company has shared a new trailer for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, providing another look at the upcoming Nintendo Switch games ahead of their November launch.Among other things, the trailer showcased a handful of new Pokemon that players will meet in the game, including Fidough, a fairy-type puppy Pokemon made of dough. We also

An Attack on Albanian Government Suggests New Iranian Aggression

In mid-July, a cyberattack on the Albanian government knocked out state websites and public services for hours. With Russia’s war raging in Ukraine, the Kremlin might seem like the likeliest suspect. But research published on Thursday by the threat intelligence firm Mandiant attributes the attack to Iran. And while Tehran’s espionage operations and digital meddling

AMC Theatres Offers $5 Movies on Tuesdays – CNET

As moviegoers head to theaters to catch the latest summer blockbuster, AMC Theatres says it’s offering $5 Tuesdays. Film buffs can watch any movie, in any time slot at any AMC location in the country for five bucks. That means you can head out to see Top Gun: Maverick, Thor: Love and Thunder, Minions: Rise

Autonomous Drones Could Soon Run the UK’s Energy Grid

“We’re moving into a future where these drones will fly themselves all over the countryside,” McKenna says. “But the long-term future of this software is that it will fly people around.”With the UK’s National Grid, which operates the country’s energy supply, the relationship has been more concrete, after the organization committed funds to accelerate development

Best Cases for iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max – CNET

While we wait for the next iPhone lineup, it’s worth noting that the iPhone 13 is still a beast of a phone that is worth protecting. They’re the current flagship options from Apple, and come equipped with superb cameras, beautiful screens and delicate bodies that need extra armor to be fully protected. And while the designs are

Robocalls Are (Finally) Being Shaken Up

Hey, have you heard that your car’s extended warranty is about to expire? That’s what the disembodied robot voice on the other end of the phone wants you to think, anyway. Fortunately, these incessant spam calls may soon be getting less frequent.This week, the US Federal Communications Commission closed a loophole in a policy that