Starlink In-flight Connectivity Service Agreement Reached for Hawaiian Airlines Fleet

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Hawaiian Airlines has a brand-new contract with SpaceX to include in-flight web service allowed by Starlink connection to its fleet of Airbus and Boeing airplane. (Photo, courtesy of Hawaiian Airlines)

Hawaiian Airlines hasactually endedupbeing the veryfirst significant airlinecompany to reach an arrangement with SpaceX that will include in-flight connection (IFC) service madeitpossiblefor by Starlink satellites to a fleet of Airbus and Boeing airplane with setups setup to start next year, according to an Apr. 25 statement from the business.

The Hawaiian Airlines arrangement follows last week’s statement by California-based public charter operator JSX that it would endupbeing the launch air provider for Starlink IFC, with the veryfirst passenger-carrying flights including the brand-new service to start lateron this year. Several days after the JSX statement, Hawaiian Airlines revealed its own brand-new contract with SpaceX to include Starlink connection to its fleet of Airbus A330 and A321neo airplane, as well as the Boeing 787-9s it presently has on order.

In an emailed declaration to Avionics International, Alex Da Silva, a agent for Hawaiian Airlines verified that the Starlink IFC service will be complimentary to guests.

“We are working with Starlink to map our execution timeline, and identify our schedule for screening and engineering work for the Wi-Fi facilities,” Da Silva stated. “We are working with Starlink to map our execution timeline, and figureout our schedule for screening and engineering work for the Wi-Fi facilities.”

Hawaiian’s fleet of Boeing 717s that run muchshorter inter-island flights will not be gearedup with Starlink IFC terminals. According to the airlinecompany’s 2021 yearly report filing, Hawaiian’s in-service fleet consists of 24 overall A330-200s and 18 A321neos, with 10 overall 787-9s on order under a 2018 purchase arrangement with Boeing.

Starlink is the veryfirst in-flight web service that will be used by Hawaiian, as the airlinecompany presently provides gainaccessto to cordless streaming in-flight homeentertainment (IFE) material on its A321neo flights, and other kinds of IFE on other airplane designs—with no connection presently offered onboard.

“We waited till innovation captured up with our high requirements for visitor experience, however it will be worth the wait,” Hawaiian Airlines President and CEO Peter Ingram stated in a declaration.

Starlink is SpaceX’s Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite constellation, one of numerous whose operators have eyes on interrupting the IFC market by offering high-speed gainaccessto to broadband in-flight at a lower expense. SpaceX Vice President of Starlink Commercial Sales Jonathan Hofeller hasactually been talkingabout the business’s vision for IFC throughout numerous public looks over the last year, consistingof most justrecently at the Satellite 2022 conference in Washington D.C.

“Hawaiian Airlines is makingsure its travelers will experience high-speed web the method we anticipate it in the 21st century, making troubles like downloading films priorto departure a relic of the previous,” Hofeller stated in a declaration. “With Starlink, the in-flight experience is considerably streamlined so that assoonas guests action onboard the airplane the web works perfectly throughout their flight. Soon, guests will takepleasurein all the advantages of having the world’s finest inflight web connection from the convenience of their seats.”

Source: Starlink In-flight Connectivity Service Agreement Reached for Hawaiian Airlines Fleet.

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