On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, President of Americans for Prosperity Tim Phillips joins Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky to break down how Democrats are using the taxpayer-funded “infrastructure” and reconciliation bills to push their leftist, progressive agendas.

“In the next four months, what can the left do to move our nation further down the road, fastest toward their vision, their goal?” Phillips asked. “It’s not Afghanistan, it’s not the [critical race theory] battle, it’s not any cultural battle in the next four months. It’s pass the three and a half-trillion-dollar infrastructure bill,  jam it as full of regulations and provisions that basically bring in the Green New Deal, and the socialized medicine, and Medicare-For-All, and also elements of this union PRO Act, get that passed and signed by Biden and you literally have a third inflection point from the left to follow up on the Great Society of the 1960s.”

While Phillips noted “bad policy normally is also bad politics” in regards to some Republicans’ willingness to support the “infrastructure” deal, he believes there are some things the GOP must seek out as common ground to bring people in.

“I see the anger and the frustration and it’s legitimate and real. It’s not the final vehicle to winning the country for our beliefs and principles and hopes and aspirations. To do that, we’ve got to turn outward and woo people to us, bring people to us,” Phillips said. “We’ve got a country to win. And again, the way we do it is not by subtraction — ‘well, that person is not pure enough, this group needs to be kicked out.’ We do it by multiplication.”

Source: Should Conservatives Care About Spending When The Culture Is Crumbling?

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