Seven newly found dwarf galaxies rest on simply one side of a bigger galaxy

PASADENA, Calif.— The faint dwarf galaxies in a neighboring galaxy group appear to have actually missed out on the memo. Rather of being distributed uniformly around the group’s most enormous galaxy, which is what occurs in our own galaxy group, these recently discovered overshadows cluster in one area. And astronomers do not understand why.

” This satellite circulation is simply strange,” astronomer Eric Bell stated June 13 at the American Astronomical Society conference.

Bell, of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, and coworkers utilized the Subaru telescope in Hawaii to hunt for faint clumps of stars, showing dwarf galaxies, around the galaxy M81 This Milky Way– like galaxy is the most popular member in a reasonably neighboring group of galaxies, everything about 12 million light-years from Earth. The group discovered one certain dwarf galaxy and 6 possible fainter ones.

map of galaxies in the M81 galaxy group. Known satellites are circled in red, while seven newfound candidates near the center are circled in yellow Seven newly found dwarf galaxies rest on simply one side of a bigger galaxy .

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