Scientists made a Möbius strip out of a small carbon nanobelt

From round nanotubes to the hollow spheres called buckyballs, carbon is well-known for forming small, intricate nanostructures ( SN: 8/15/19). Now, researchers have actually included a brand-new geometry to the list: a twisted strip called a Möbius carbon nanobelt.

Möbius strips are twisted bands that are well-known in mathematics for their unusual homes. An elastic band, for instance, has a within and an outdoors. If you cut the rubber band crosswise, twist one end and glue it back together, you get a Möbius strip, which has just one face ( SN: 7/24/07).

In 2017, scientists produced carbon nanobelts, thin loops of carbon that resemble small pieces of a carbon nanotube. That task recommended it may be possible to develop a nanobelt with a twist, a Möbius carbon nanobelt. To make the tiny twisty carbon, a few of the very same scientists sewn together private smaller sized particles utilizing a series of 14 chain reaction, chemist Yasutomo Segawa of the Institute for Molecular Science in Okazaki, Japan, and associates report May 19 in Nature Synthesis

While carbon nanotubes can be utilized to make brand-new kinds of computer system chips and contributed to fabrics to produce material with uncommon residential or commercial properties, researchers do not yet understand of any useful applications for the twisty nanobelts ( SN: 8/28/19;-LRB- SN: 2/8/19). Segawa states, the work enhances researchers’ capability to make small carbon structures, specifically complex ones.

Source: Scientists made a Möbius strip out of a small carbon nanobelt

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