Savback Helicopters Becomes Exclusive Regional Distributor of Dufour Aerospace eVTOLs

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Savback Helicopters will end up being the special supplier of Dufour Aerospace’s Aero3 eVTOL in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, and Iceland. (Photo: Dufour Aerospace)

Swiss eVTOL designer Dufour Aerospace is partnering with Sweden-based Savback Helicopters: Dufour’s Aero3 airplane will now be specifically dispersed by Savback in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, and Iceland. Savback uses knowledge in usage cases and market potential customers in the vertical lift market based upon the business’s 30- year experience in helicopter sales. The Aero3 tilt-wing airplane is an 8-seater, has a variety of about 634 miles (1,020 km), and utilizes a hybrid-electric propulsion system.

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Dufour Aerospace’s Aero3 airplane will start test flights by the end of this year. (Photo: Dufour Aerospace)

The very first full-blown model of Aero3 will be integrated in 2022 and will start test flights near completion of this year, according to Dufour’s CCO Sascha Hardegger in an emailed interview with Avionics International 2026 is most likely the earliest year that Aero3 will attain its very first accreditation, according to Hardegger.

Dufour Aerospace has actually likewise established an unmanned airplane, Aero2, and its third-generation model is presently going through test flights. This car’s style is likewise based upon the tilt-wing concept. The very first shipment of Aero2 is anticipated to happen within the next 2 years, specified Hardegger.

aero2 proto hover2

Pictured is the unmanned Aero2 airplane carrying out a test flight. (Photo: Dufour Aerospace)

Aero3 is being established with the requirements these days’s helicopter markets in mind. The primary applications will be patient transport, freight applications, security, and public security. Hardegger described that the eVTOL’s distinct style allows redundancy, which increases security. “The tilt-wing style of Aero3,” he stated, “permits flexibility by integrating the very best of the worlds of helicopters and airplane, as it is both able to remove and land vertically like a helicopter and flies as effectively as a plane.”

The 45- member group at Dufour will likely grow this year in order to increase capability for establishing, screening, and licensing brand-new airplane, especially constructing the full-blown model of Aero3. The airplane might one day be utilized to fulfill innovative air movement requires, however the preliminary focus is on applications such as search and rescue which do not need brand-new facilities.

aero3 ems onground

Aero3 is developed to carry out client transport, monitoring, public security, and freight applications. (Dufour Aerospace)

CEO of Savback Helicopters, Reja Savbäck, stated, “We highly think that Dufour Aerospace’s Aero3 supplies choices for both today’s helicopter market in addition to brand-new usage cases– which its cutting edge innovation opens for us,” according to the business’s statement. She continues, “We take pride in this collaboration, as it reveals that Dufour Aerospace trusts both our large experience and our network in the air travel market.”

Source: Savback Helicopters Becomes Exclusive Regional Distributor of Dufour Aerospace eVTOLs

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