Satcom Direct Becomes Gulfstream Default Datalink Provider, Certifies IFC Antenna System

l to r john kummer jim jensen chris moore celebrate awarding of plane simple stcsfinal

Left to Right: Satcom Direct’s John Kummer, VP Strategy & Programs, Jim Jensen Founder and CEO, and Chris Moore, President, commemorate STC approvals for the Plane Simple terminal on Gulfstream types. (Photo, courtesy of Satcom Direct)

Satcom Direct (SD), the Melbourne, Florida-based service airtravel services business, hasactually broadened the number of brand-new connection innovations it is offering to Gulfstream to start 2022, consistingof the launch of a brand-new antenna system and endingupbeing the default information link supplier for brand-new in-production Gulfstream jets.

Earlier this month, SD’s “Plane Simple” Ku-band tail-mounted antenna System accomplished FAA Supplemental Type Certification (STC) approval for Gulfstream G550, G450, GV and GIV jets. The STC approval was followed by an an April 20 statement verifying SD’s FlightDeck Freedom (FDF) flight deck interactions platform as the default information link system on brand-new and in-production Gulfstream G500, G600 and G650ER jets.

The veryfirst production line-fits for the designs have currently been finished, according to the business. Both accomplishments will broaden SD’s capability to supply connection services as well as brand-new flight operations and traveler experience applications for Gulfstream operators.

Under a partnership with Bobingen, Germany-based airplane adjustment and accreditation services business, the Plane Simple antenna system has likewise got accreditation approval from the European Aviation Safety Agency, (EASA) for numerous Bombardier types, covering Global 6000, 5000, Express XRS and Express jets.

SD’s brand-new accreditation accomplishments for the Plane Simple antenna system significant the end of numerous years of advancement of that system in collaboration with QEST, Quantenelektronische Systeme GmbH, a business based in Holzgerlingen, Germany that makes antenna sending and getting devices.

the plane simple ku band tail mount antenna is confirmed qualified for ku band activation by intelsat

The Plane Simple Ku-band tail install antenna was verified certified for Ku-band service activation by Intelsat in January. (Photo, courtesy of Satcom Direct)

During an interview with Avionics International in February upon attaining certification of the brand-new antenna system on Intelsat’s FlexExec network—a Ku-band satellite service that solely serves company airtravel released by Intelsat in 2018—Chris Moore, president of Satcom Direct stated that the business established the 12-inch tail-mounted antenna system with simply 2 line-replaceable systems for mid-to-large sized service jets with a variety of 3,000 miles or more.

“The 2 LRUs are actually essential since the modem system goes in the un pressurized vessel of the airframe. So it doesn’t take up any area within the airplane’s luggage compartment where most of the present systems go today,” Moore stated. “Most of the antenna systems readilyavailable for organization jets today have 4 to 5 LRUs and are variations of systems established for airliners that haveactually been linedup to organization jets. We’re the veryfirst business that we understand of that has established an antenna system deliberately developed for company jets.”

Moore stated that an unnamed service airtravel operator has currently began flying with the antenna system utilizing Intelsat’s FlexExec network. Enabled by Intelsat’s Epic high-throughput satellite (HTS) network, the service makesitpossiblefor a 10-megabit-per-second connection to the airplane, adequate to makeitpossiblefor synchronised live-streaming on guest and pilot gadgets.

SD has likewise incorporated a cybersecurity module into its connection services that exists within its SD Pro softwareapplication as a service platform. The module userinterface all web traffic happening over its numerous networks with its international information facilities where engineers continuously screen the network for security threats.

Flight screening of more than 115 flight hours over 62 private legs with 250 GB of information transferred offered the certification for the brand-new system on an SD-owned Dassault Falcon 2000LX, according to a Jan. 24 press release about the brand-new system.

According to Moore this is the veryfirst of a series of antennas that the business will launch.

“Plane Simple is our Ku-band system, nevertheless we’re likewise working on Ka-band variations, and we’re likewise working on an digitally guided phased selection, or flat-panel antenna. Our focus is on establishing an open architecture that provides operators that capability to make utilize of the finest and most capable satellite networks that fulfill their particular functional profile requirements,” Moore stated.

SD anticipates evenmore accreditation approvals for the brand-new antenna on other airplane designs by the end of the 2nd quarter from the FAA and Transport Canada in addition to EASA.

Source: Satcom Direct Becomes Gulfstream Default Datalink Provider, Certifies IFC Antenna System.

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