Rejected By Deshaun Watson, It’s Back To The Drawing Board For The Cleveland Browns

Having stoppedworking in their effort to trade for Deshaun Watson, needto the Cleveland Browns stick with … [+] Baker Mayfield (shown), or appearance inotherplaces? (AP Photo)


Now what?

The Cleveland Browns swung for the fences, however struck out. Deshaun Watson stated “thanks, however no thanks” to the Browns’ sales pitch to come to Cleveland and do what no Browns quarterback in history hasactually done: lead the group to a Super Bowl.

Today, the Browns were informed that they had endedup 4th in the four-team field of groups contending to persuade Watson that the resurrection of his profession needto takeplace in their city.

That fourth-place surface was even evenworse than the Browns’ tied-for-third-place surface in the AFC North this past NFL season. An argument might be made that in rejecting Cleveland, Watson has to some degree conserved the Browns from themselves.

When the Browns’ pursuit of Watson endedupbeing recognized, a big portion of the group’s wild fan base rightaway, and loudly, produced a two-pronged demonstration of that mission. One objection focused on the 22 civil fits submitted versus Watson by massage therapists implicating him of sexual misbehavior. A grand jury picked not to indict him on criminal charges.

The other objection came from the wild fans of Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield, whose tough, ultra-competitive, blue-collar personality rightaway endeared him to a big portion of Browns fans from the day the group chosen Mayfield with the veryfirst choice in the 2018 draft.

However, in endingup 4th in the four-team Watson Sweepstakes, the Browns now discover themselves inbetween a rock and an overcooked Baker. The 26-year-old quarterback, who had a dreadful, injury-riddled 2021 season, welcomed the news that his managers were pursuing Watson by tweeting what felt like a not-so-subtle “Goodbye Cleveland” message to his fans. It was precisely the type of message that a quarterback of a particular character would tweet under such situations.

Whatever parts of the bridge that weren’t burned in the degrading Mayfield-Browns relationship mostlikely collapsed under its own weight on Wednesday when ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reported that the Browns desired “an adult” at that position.

Thursday’s “thanks, however no thanks” reaction from the Watson camp leaves the Browns with the worst-possible result to its bold swing for the fences effort at a significant quarterback upgrade.

The Browns got turneddown by Watson. The Browns’ relationship with Mayfield, following their pursuit of Watson, has apparently hit rock bottom. And, most unpleasant of all, the quarterback market in basic doesn’t deal much hope for a group whose lineup, in every other method however quarterback, is perhaps not simply playoff-worthy, however Super Bowl-contention worthwhile.

Technically, Mayfield is still a member of the Browns, and under agreement for one more year. Realistically, this can’t perhaps work, can it? At his finest, the chippy, psychological, ultra-competitive Mayfield utilizes those qualities to his benefit. At his worst, all of that often gets in his method.

Exhibit A: in the Browns’ second-game of the 2021 season, paradoxically versus Houston, Mayfield endedupbeing so furious over an interception that he hurried over to make the dealwith, and in the procedure tore the labrum in his left shoulder. The injury afflicted him for the rest of the season, and resulted in postseason surgicaltreatment.

Mayfield’s tart reaction to the Browns’ eventually stoppedworking effort to acquire Watson was in keeping with his character. The Browns’ choice to pursue Watson was an sign that the company feels Mayfield’s rack life in Cleveland – his legion of vociferous fans to the contrary – has ended.

Yet now, in still another Browns-like minute, the 2 separated celebrations are, for the time being, in a required maritalrelationship following a stoppedworking divorce.

There are not, in the understood present quarterback market, any apparent Plan B’s for the fourth-place finisher in the Watson Sweepstakes. Matt Ryan (assuming the Falcons land Watson)? Marcus Mariota? Jimmy Garoppolo?

Are any of them, or any of their ilk, verifiable upgrades from Baker Mayfield?

Whiter, in truth, Baker Mayfield?

If it strolls like a burned bridge, if it quacks like a burned bridge, is not, certainly, that bridge inbetween Mayfield and the Browns efficiently burned?

Should the Browns trade Mayfield simply to eliminate both celebrations of each other?

Should they keep him and shot to make it work?

Or needto they usage the 13th choice in the NFL draft not on a receiver they, in their dreams, pictured Deshaun Watson whistling bullseyes to in the red zone, however rather their view of the finest of a rather uninspiring group of college quarterbacks, and hope for the finest?

Rather than resolving the company’s unlimited search for an elite quarterback to get the task done, getting the bottom’s rush out of the Watson Scrum leaves the Browns with even more concerns than they had when it started.

Now what?

Source: Rejected By Deshaun Watson, It’s Back To The Drawing Board For The Cleveland Browns.

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