• NFT Art Block has surged by 80% to yield $403 million worth of trading volume
  • With its recent surge the project has achieved a new record with an overwhelming success
  • Among the collections Fidenza remains an adaptable algorithm so far

NFT Art Block is recently observed to be another soaring NFTs collection. These pieces of crypto tokens established in November 2020 are a very different kind of allure. Although it’s a brand new project, its impact on the Non-Fungible Tokens market has quickly accelerated. According to data from Cryptoslam, the collection has yielded $403 million worth of trading volume so far in August. Notably, the growth in the trading volume is more than 80% since the project was first introduced. Moreover, on Monday, a single piece of these NFTs was sold for $3.3 million worth of Ethereum.

NFT Art Block is making new records in the industry

A Non-Fungible Token is a blockchain verified deed of ownership, that is linked to a unique digital item. In recent years, we have observed that these cryptocurrencies are in a craze. Moreover, since the beginning of this year, the industry has seen tremendous growth. On Monday, after the sale of a single piece of NFT Art Block, the collection achieved a new record. It is noted that the project is one of 16 single pieces in the immense exhibition that have now sold for $1 million or more. 

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According to experts in the scenario, the artworks are a productive art collection that extends a vast array of different pinches by altering artists. Following the collection, we found that some are flat images or interactive 3D compositions. However, all of the pieces are united by a similar origin story. Indeed, it seems to be a bond of traditional art aesthetics and the blockchain data that generates something that is undeniably crypto native.

Furthermore, the look and feel of each drop vary widely across the different NFT Art Block projects. Still, some of the pieces have occurred to be celebrated and praised as fine art that is selling for similar looming prices.

Fidenza project remains an adaptable algorithm so far

Fidenza, by Tylor Hobbs a collection that extends to 999 separate NFTs pieces, has promptly become one of the wizards of the collection. These tremendous pieces account for four of the top five highest-priced Art Block’s secondary market NFTs sales to date. Notably, the minimal-priced Fidenza chunk is listed on secondary NFTs marketplace OpenSea above $550k worth of Ether coins.

In an official project page, Hobbs cited that Fidenza is by far an adaptable algorithm to date. Hobbs wrote on the official Art Blocks project page. Likewise, a Texas Monthly underscored that although the policy dwells focused on structured curls and blocks. Moreover, the varieties of scale, organization, texture, and color usage can impose an ample array of generative possibilities.

The NFTs collection enjoys overwhelming success

The crypto collection has amassed a pair of seven-figure sales. Following the scenario, the founder of the crypto project, Eric Calderon noted that the project is incredibly validating, exhilarating, and terrifying.  He further underlined that It’s all overwhelming. Noting the growth rate of the collection, it’s affirmative how Calderon described the recent surge.

There are a lot of NFT Art Block pieces out there. In the current scenario, 149 collections are under the Art Block’s curated banner. These pieces are selected by the curation board itself.

Source: Pieces of NFT Art Block is abruptly swapping for millions in Ether

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