Photo Of The Recovered Wreckage Of The British F-35 B Leaked Online

F-35B recovered
The wreck of the F-35 B as seen in the dripped image. (Photo: confidential source)

The airplane has actually been recuperated last month and it appears like it is still practically undamaged.

An image, taken by an unidentified professional photographer, revealing the wreckage of the British F-35 B that dumped in the Mediterranean Sea and was recuperated by a chartered salvage ship, was dripped and begun distributing online on Jan. 21,2022 As we currently thoroughly reported, the airplane crashed while removing from the HMS Queen Elizabeth attack aircraft carrier on November 17, 2021, as it could not accomplish adequate speed to take off apparently due to the fact that the engine consumed a “low-cost plastic rain cover” or an air consumption cover.

The United Kingdom Ministry of Defence revealed on December 7 the conclusion of the operations for the healing of the airplane, which occurred with the assistance of the Italian Navy and U.S. Navy. It took 2 weeks to find the wreck and another week to bring it up, according to defence sources discussed by British papers. The healing effort was made complex by the place where the F-35 dumped, as it took place in open water with depths that can surpass, in some locations, over 3,000 meters (about 10,000 feet), and by rough sea conditions while the operations were occurring.

Looking at the image, which reveals the wreck upside down on the deck of the salvage ship as it was being transferred to an undefined port, it appears that the F-35 B is still partially undamaged. Some panels are broken or missing out on, with the engine nozzle and vertical tail fins perhaps broken too (they can’t be seen plainly), however the airframe was not made in pieces by the crash. As the dripped video revealed, the F-35 left the ski dive with an extremely low speed, so the effect forces on the surface area of the sea were inadequate to remove significant areas of the airframe.

This likewise verifies the main declarations about all the wreckage being recuperated and “no risk or compromise to delicate devices on the airplane”. Even if the possibilities of another nation finding and making use of any of the airplane’s remains were little, the UK MoD didn’t wish to take any opportunities for an excellent factor. National Security Adviser Sir Stephen Lovegrove, as reported by the UK Defence Journal, informed the Commons Defence Committee on Dec. 6, 2021:

” The healing of the flight information recorder and the wreckage are truly essential for a precise examination to figure out the reasons for the crash. […] We know Russian undersea abilities, and you are rather ideal to determine them as being cutting-edge. The sort of preventative measures and operations that we are carrying out at the minute are created a minimum of in part to guarantee that the innovation of the F-35 B stays as personal as you would like it to be. Those security elements are quite at the top of our mind. My understanding is that the professionals understand where the airplane is.”

Two F-35 Bs throughout operations on the HMS Queen Elizabeth.( Photo: Royal Navy)

It deserves keeping in mind, nevertheless, that while the airplane may appear in some way undamaged, the damage done by seawater while the airplane was immersed for weeks may have made unusable the majority of the airplane’s systems, decreasing the threats of foes collecting beneficial information in the theoretical occasion they handled to get to the wreck prior to the Royal Navy.

The lost F-35 B was recognized as ZM 152, with modex018and building number BK 18, and the dripped image appears to validate this, as the serial can be seen near the tail in spite of the quality of the image. The airplane was supposedly among the most just recently provided British F -35 B, with its very first flight reported in June 2019. The very same information was likewise discovered in the F-35airplane database hosted by the site F-16 web.

The picture was at first published on Twitter by couple of users who later on eliminated it declaring that they were not associated with taking the image in the very first location nor being the very first to leakage it online. The picture is nevertheless still being shared on Reddit, Facebook and other socials. The reality that lots of users later on erased the image may be associated with the repercussions of the leakage of the crash video, which led a male team member of HMS Queen Elizabeth’s ship business to be detained.


Stefano D’Urso is a factor for TheAviationist based in Lecce, Italy. He’s a full-time engineering trainee and striving pilot. In his extra time he’s likewise an amateur air travel professional photographer and flight simulation lover.

Source: Photo Of The Recovered Wreckage Of The British F-35 B Leaked Online

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