Part donkey, part wild ass, the kunga is the earliest recognized hybrid reproduced by people

From mules to ligers, the list of human-made hybrid animals is long. And, it ends up, ancient.

Meet the kunga, the earliest recognized hybrid animal reproduced by individuals. The ancient horse from Syro-Mesopotamia existed around 4,500 years earlier and was a cross in between a donkey and a hemippe, a kind of Asiatic wild ass, scientists report January 14 in Science Advances

Horses didn’t appear in this area of Asia till 4,000 years earlier, centuries after their domestication in Russia ( SN: 10/20/21). Lots of equine skeletons were excavated in the early 2000 s from a royal burial complex dating back to 2600 B.C. at Umm el-Marra in northern Syria. The animals, whose physical functions didn’t match any recognized equine types, seem “kungas”– horselike animals seen in art work and referenced in clay tablets preceding horses by centuries.

” They were extremely valued, extremely pricey,” states paleogeneticist Eva-Maria Geigl of Institut Jacques Monod in Paris.

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Geigl and her associates examined a kunga’s genome, or hereditary guidebook, and compared it with those of horses, donkeys and Asiatic wild asses, consisting of the hemippe ( Equus hemionus hemippus), which has actually been extinct because1929 The kunga’s mom was a donkey and its daddy a hemippe, making it the earliest proof of people producing hybrid animals. A mule from 1000 B.C. in Anatolia reported by the exact same research study group in 2020 is the next earliest hybrid.

Geigl believes kungas were developed for warfare, as they might pull wagons. Coaxing donkeys into harmful scenarios is hard, she states, and no Asiatic wild ass can be tamed. A hybrid may have had the qualities individuals looked for.

Mosaic scene of a Sumerian artifact, showing kungas pulling wagonsPart donkey, part wild ass, the kunga is the earliest recognized hybrid reproduced by human beings

Part donkey, part wild ass, the kunga is the oldest known hybrid bred by humans - Click To Share

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