PART 2: Wokal Distance: How Woke Ideologues Rig the Rules of Debate

In our previous episode with Wokal Distance, launched on February 10th, Wokal Distance described the foundations of woke ideology, consistingof its assertions that there is no outright fact, and that all declares to reality are distorted by power.

Now in part 2, he breaks down the principle of intersectionality and how woke ideologues rig the guidelines of argument.

“They’re not going to offer you a reasonable hearing, according to your concepts. They’re going to play power videogames with you,” he states.

“When we speak, these crucial theorists are not asking whether or not what we are stating is real. What they’re doing is focusing on who gets power, whose interests are served, and who advantages. And that is what they do with whatever.”

Wokal Distance is an specialist in postmodernism and important theory and a goingto fellow at the Center for Renewing America.

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Source: PART 2: Wokal Distance: How Woke Ideologues Rig the Rules of Debate.

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