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To celebrate its 10th anniversary, the Mexican coffee chain Cielito Querido Café collaborates with the sports shoe brand Panam . “Walking on the Sky” is the name of the special edition of tennis that seeks to enamor its consumers with 100% Mexican designs.

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Cortesía Panam x Cielito Querido Café

“Cielito Querido Café, during these 10 years in the market, continues to bet on new experiences and benefits for all Mexicans. It is time for you to tie your shoelaces, walk through the sky and enjoy your Panam Cielito Querido Café edition , ”says a statement about the launch.

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Image: Courtesy Panam x Cielito Querido Café

This special edition includes 1,600 pairs that can be purchased in two colors, light blue from size 22 to 26, and navy blue from size 27 to 30. Where? In the 32 Panam stores in CDMX and Estado de México. As well as on the website of the Mexican shoe brand. They are priced at 550 pesos and will be available from now until stocks last.

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Image: Courtesy Panam x Cielito Querido Café

The merchandising and history of Cielito

It is not the first time that the coffee shop company has a branding strategy in various products. From the beginning, the stores offered cups, thermoses, coffee grinders, French presses, tea infusers, jute bags, coffee mixes, notebooks, USB sticks and sugar bowls. However, until now it has started to make external alliances in the retail industry, it even launched an ice cream with the iconic flavor of the “horchata de la casa”, an Oaxacan recipe, based on milk, rice powder, seeds of melon and cinnamon.

The story begins when the brand ‘Café, Café’ , owned by Carlos Slim, was bought by Mobility ADO, and thus Cielito Querido Café was born in 2010 . They changed the whole concept of what a cafeteria experience is, based on the world famous Sirena, but with a completely Mexican identity. From the first glasses, they alluded to the fact that they were not the same, with “Here we say boy, not Alto”, “It is not large, it is medium” or “It is not said Venti, it is said large”.

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Image: Courtesy Panam x Cielito Querido Café

With a neo retro concept inspired by the stingray and grocery stores, they rescue the playfulness and hubbub of the Latin tradition of “having a cup of coffee .” Helped by the designers Héctor Esrawe for the furniture and Nacho Cadena for the identity. The name was born from the juxtaposition of two songs: ‘ Cielito Lindo’ by Quirino Mendoza and ‘ México Lindo y Querido’ by Chucho Monge.

At the end of 2019, the chain passed into the hands of another Mexican firm, Grupo Herdez, who had the challenge of facing the pandemic with a new brand in their portfolio.

Source: Panam and Cielito Querido Café collaborate to create this special edition of tennis

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